The End of an Era

This has probably been due since at least the turn of the decade based on our output, but it’s time to stop deluding ourselves and accept reality.

As of this post, Good Job! Media will no longer be making progress on/picking up new projects. The Discord server will remain publicly available as it has become an excellent source of subbing knowledge and destroying that would be sacrilege.

The seedbox hosting all of our releases will become inactive on March 22nd, 2024. If you wish to archive anything we have released, you have until then to download it.

Thanks to everyone who has subbed for GJM, past and present, and thanks to the audience we’ve gathered over the years for putting up with our shit when we delayed shows into the ground.

Maybe we’ll see each other again someday, but for now, things must come to an end.

Rest in peace GJM, 2014-2024.

PS: I never got to fucking sub Angel Beats in the end. Pain.


Good Job! Media – Fall 2022

As those who have paid attention to our Discord (or the sidebar here, for that matter) already know, we picked two shows to work on in the upcoming season! I know that our backlog keeps growing, but I can assure you that the teams working on the Fall 2022 shows are completely independent – it’s all staff that isn’t busy with any other projects.

And on that note, I have more announcements to make! Both Spy and Bisque are seeing progress and should be finished soon. Kaguya is progressing slowly but surely as well. So once those are done, the rest of our staff – those not occupied with the new seasonals – are going to put some thought and effort into progressing some badly forgotten shows from our backlog, particularly 22/7, Bocchi, and maybe even Aquatope. Moving some of those projects won’t be easy, as some staff needs to be replaced, but keep an eye out for those!

We hope you’re looking forward to both our new and old shows, and thank you for choosing GJM!


Good Job! Media – Spring 2022

With Spring 2022 just around the corner, it’s finally time to announce our planned shows.

Those who paid attention to our Discord or read recent release posts carefully already knew what our spring shows were going to be. And those who didn’t… well, I’m sure they suspected it would be these.

It is truly a shame that not just two, but three GJM shows are getting sequels all in the same season. Not only that, but also each of these three shows were translated by me, Areki. Yes, those three shows are Kaguya-sama: Love is War S3, Ascendance of a Bookworm S3, and Heroine Tarumono. Unfortunately, it’d be downright unreasonable to have one fansubber translate three shows in one season (and the perfect recipe for stalling them), which is why we decided to pick up only two of them, the heavily anticipated ones: Kaguya and Bookworm.

This doesn’t mean, though, that the HoneyWorks show is completely off the table. Once we finish these spring shows and our backlog grows smaller, we might consider a release of both Heroine and the short series we also previously skipped due to overlap with other projects: Itsudatte Bokura no Koi wa 10 cm Datta.

And here’s more good news, since I know what everyone is thinking. “But you’re gonna take years to finish Kaguya again!” We have assembled a completely new typesetting team, improved our project management, and made plans on how to allocate the workload between them to ensure that there’s as little delay caused by typesetting as possible. Other than that, the staff stays mostly the same—you’ll be able to enjoy subtitles by the same translators and editors as in the previous seasons.

We hope you’re looking forward to these shows as much as we are, and thank you for choosing GJM!


Good Job! Media Acquires Asenshi

The image above is a screenshot of Asenshi’s informal announcement to their Discord community as to the justifications behind their decision to bring themselves under the fold of GJM.

For many years now, we have worked closely with many of their staff members, most of whom are themselves already GJM members. Asenshi has partaken in many projects over the decade they have existed, and there is little doubt that many of you have watched several of their releases. This arrangement allows them to continue to produce the high-quality work they are well known for without the concerns of staffing, server costs, or the like. Likewise, GJM benefits greatly from gaining additional dedicated members with a drive for exceptional results and is happy to welcome them on board.

As a final note, mentioned later in their Discord server was a clarification regarding Made in Abyss. They’ll be continuing that project under their existing tag for consistency reasons, so be sure to look out for that when it airs!

We hope you look forward to seeing what they can do here at GJM.


Good Job! Media – Summer 2021

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

It sure has been a while since we wrote one of these, huh.

Good Job! Media is, by no stretch of the imagination, in a more dormant period at the moment. We are slowly working through our existing projects as time allows while introducing new shows in moderation. We’ll be announcing a single show this season as part of that particular effort.

As far as the backlog projects go, please remain patient as many of them are moving slowly but gradually forward, and we’re still committed to finishing as many of them as we can. Our staff aren’t as available as fansubbers used to be, and finding both time and energy on a consistent basis for old projects with that to take into account is definitely hard work, but we WILL get there eventually.

Anyways, with all that said, the single show mentioned previously that we’ll be picking up for Summer 2021 is Shiroi Suna no Aquatope. As always, us working on anything P.A. Works is probably a safe bet for any of our regular viewers. Hopefully, this one turns out well. Kamisama tried but inevitably stumbled in the end, but this show, with any luck, has some real promise!

For an immediate heads-up on this series, the first episode will be a little slower than we intend going forward since our typesetting assignments workflow currently contains images for nearly 100 signs with repeat appearances included. There are a whole FOUR Typesetters working through this, but it’s not easy work. We hope you’ll be truly blown away by just how impressive their work is; the rest of us sure have been so far.

As usual, we have a few new faces in GJM, and as such, we’d like to introduce them! Please welcome Medex02, Nyarthur, and Waxstein to GJM. You’ll be seeing their work in the near future for sure!

Finally: we’re currently searching for additional Typesetters, Timers, Encoders, and Translators/TLCs to help cover our upcoming and backlog projects. You can contact us via Discord to apply to work with us.

And… as a particular point for Typesetters, our Typesetting Training Program remains open, and you can see some information about that right HERE. If this interests you, we urge you to check it out.

Well, that’s all for now! We hope you’ll look forward to what we’ll be bringing to you this season, and as always: Thank you for choosing GJM!


Good Job! Media – Typesetter Training and Recruitment

Hello, everyone!

First of all, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We hope you’ve all had a good time.

As the sidebar may be beginning to inform you in our stead, we’d like to expand our pool of available Typesetters, both for backlog projects and going forward from here.

As it stands, we have perhaps 2-3 highly active Typesetters regularly handling multiple projects at a time. You’ve all probably noticed that, for example, iFanz worked on Kamisama ni Natta Hi, but he also works on both Kaguya-sama and Bocchi, which also have sizable workloads themselves. This is but one example.

For this reason, we’d like to announce that we’re opening up our Typesetting Training Program once again, just as we did in previous years to gain some of our valued recruits.

While we would prefer it, previous experience is absolutely not necessary. Alongside providing you with the various guides available for all kinds of aspects of the Typesetting role to read through, members of GJM’s (and others’) TS staff will be there to help coach you if you have any questions or become stuck. If you’d like to get a headstart on that reading, you can find one of the most reliable foundational Typesetting guides at: https://unanimated.github.io/ts/index.htm.

Again, we stress that there are no bad applicants for this position. We will do our best to coach you. If you have even a passing interest, you should consider dropping your name into the proverbial hat.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact us through our Discord server, which can be found using the link on the menu bar above this post. The best place to do this is through one of our public channels as not all staff members respond to DMs equally.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope to see some of you soon.


Good Job! Media – Fall 2020

Well, it’s been a fun Summer off (mostly). Hope everyone has been staying safe in these recent times.

We’ve been spending time over Summer attempting to do some internal restructuring to move more old projects along and there have been some relative successes with Senryuu, Fairy Gone, and most recently, Kaguya S2. We also expect to begin movement on 22/7 in the near future with the recruitment of a new stylist to handle the sea of insert songs and extra EDs the show demands of us.

As a lot of people are probably curious about it: Yes, Kaguya should continue progressing in the very near future, and by the time this post is published, it is very likely at least one new episode has been released.

For the uninformed, back in the end of May, while we were still somewhat current in our releases of the show, our lead typesetter for the project, iFanz, had a catastrophic hardware failure, and due to his circumstances, couldn’t acquire a new (in his case) laptop to continue with his work on the project. As a result, we spent a significant amount of time internally working toward a solution to this.

This initially started out as a fansubber-community-driven fundraiser to fix an old laptop that one of our staffers, Lolita, was replacing. Through that, we raised around $500 USD and fitted said old laptop with a new battery and sent it to iFanz in mid-June or so. All was well and good until we learned that the country in which iFanz lives rejects used electronics. The machine arrived in their customs some time in mid-July and spent several weeks there before ultimately being rejected for import. To this day, it is still in return transit to Lolita.

Eventually, growing tired of this, a handful of GJM’s staff members put forward an immensely generous pot of almost $2000 USD that ended up being put toward buying him a new machine domestically. As of two or three days ago, iFanz is using new hardware and is working on his Kaguya workload as soon as each episode’s progress reaches him.

That turned into a wall of text, but our information regarding this entire saga has been mixed and matched across our platforms, and we felt it would be good to summarize it in one place in appropriate detail now that the matter is resolved.

Moving on from this, we’d like to discuss the shows that we are looking to pick up in Fall 2020!

First up is Kamisama ni Natta hi. This one probably comes as little surprise given GJM’s history with P.A. Works projects. We have very little idea what to expect of this, or how good/bad it’ll be, but we’re going to go along for the wild ride nonetheless. The cute smug pink girl seems like a good enough reason to try it out at least.

Second is Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear. Apparently the source material for this is quite fun, so we’re hoping to get good things out of this show. What’s not to love about a cute girl in a bear suit doing cute VRMMORPG things, after all?

Last but not least is a joint project with our friends over at Kaleido to work on Majo no Tabitabi. We’ll largely just be contributing QC power and some access to staff backups from GJM’s huge roster, but nonetheless we expect great things from their work and from the show. We firmly believe that Kaleido should be a trusted-marked group on Nyaa.si, but alas, the system isn’t implemented on the site and as such, they haven’t been granted it. It is what it is. Please give their projects your support!

As usual, we have a few new faces in GJM, and we’d be remiss not to take the time to welcome them! Please give Meteor, Tazaki, garlogan78, Scrad, tehshower, and gsk_ your love and affection as they join us here at GJM in the lead-up to our SIXTH anniversary as a group!

Finally: we’re currently searching for additional Typesetters, a QC, and another Translator/TLC to help cover our upcoming and backlog projects. You can use the form in the menu bar above or contact us via Discord to apply to work with us.

We hope you’ll look forward to these releases, and as always: Thank you for choosing GJM!


Good Job! Media – Winter 2020

Hey everyone. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching our Bookworm release.

We all saw the S2 announcement recently and while we can’t confirm anything, we’d like to say that we’re very interested in working on it if we have the staff available to.

On the topic of still-delayed series: We may look into the option of dropping certain series with very-long-term delays that are impractical to try to salvage. We’ll share more information on this at a later date. For now, everything is still on the table.

That aside, we’re here to talk about our Winter shows. We’ll be doing two projects this time around, the first of which is To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T. You can come to expect the same level of speed and quality present in previous GJM Toaru releases here too.

The second and last project will be Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!. Many of our staff expressed interest in what is the first Yuasa-directed series in over five years. We all have high hopes for it and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

As is tradition, we’d like to welcome a couple of new staff members to GJM. They are SKAttack, valerauko, Melancholy, Olynn, and Aria. We hope they enjoy their time with us, and we hope you will all enjoy the fruits of their labors.

And finally, another tradition in our recent seasonal posts: our recruitment needs can be found below.

We’re currently searching for additional Typesetters, a QC, and another Translator/TLC to help cover our upcoming and backlog projects. You can use the form in the menu bar above or contact us via IRC or Discord to apply to work with us.

We hope you’ll look forward to these releases, and as always: Thank you for choosing GJM!


Good Job! Media – Fall 2019

Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoyed Accelerator with us! We were admittedly a bit sketchy on scheduling somewhere in the middle, but we finished up strong in the end.

For a quick status update on other projects: Uma Musume, Fairy Gone, and Senryuu Shoujo have all picked up new typesetters in the past week or so, after some internal soul-searching. I believe this will allow us to make progress on each one of these shows, however gradual that may be.

With this in mind, a single project is on the cards once again, and this time, it’ll be Ascendance of a Bookworm. This project shares very little staff overlap with other in-progress projects, and as such, I expect everything to function fine.

While we’re talking about our staff, I’d like to welcome reed, Scyrous, Lolita, wrd, Lann and Melancholy to GJM. I hope they enjoy their time with us, and I hope you will all enjoy the fruits of their labors.

And finally, as is a tradition in our recent seasonal posts, our recruitment needs can be found below.

We’re currently searching for additional Timers and Typesetters, and another Translator/TLC, to help cover our upcoming and backlog projects. You can use the form in the menu bar above or contact us via IRC or Discord to apply to work with us.

We hope you’ll enjoy our Bookworm release, and the many other non-airing projects that are being worked on in the sidelines that you may well see some of soon!