The End of an Era

This has probably been due since at least the turn of the decade based on our output, but it’s time to stop deluding ourselves and accept reality.

As of this post, Good Job! Media will no longer be making progress on/picking up new projects. The Discord server will remain publicly available as it has become an excellent source of subbing knowledge and destroying that would be sacrilege.

The seedbox hosting all of our releases will become inactive on March 22nd, 2024. If you wish to archive anything we have released, you have until then to download it.

Thanks to everyone who has subbed for GJM, past and present, and thanks to the audience we’ve gathered over the years for putting up with our shit when we delayed shows into the ground.

Maybe we’ll see each other again someday, but for now, things must come to an end.

Rest in peace GJM, 2014-2024.

PS: I never got to fucking sub Angel Beats in the end. Pain.


Mobile Suit Gundam – The Witch from Mercury – Episode 24

We made it, but not without casualties. Please wish cakey well as the rest of the Gundam Team helps them across the finish line thanks to GUND technology (kashi). Working on this series was a blast for all of us. Hope you enjoyed it just as much, and stay posted for more projects Good Job! Media has in store!

Mobile Suit Gundam – The Witch from Mercury (TV) – Episode 24: [Torrent][Magnet]

If you encounter any playback issues with a GJM release, please make sure you are using the most recent version of mpv.


Loss of a Fansubber — Sleep well, HyakuPercent

Some of you may have already caught wind of this news via various Discord servers and/or Twitter, but I felt it necessary to address it in a proper article, so please bear with me.

Around 24 hours ago, some members of the fansubbing community learned via a Tweet posted by @ntrkunn that HyakuPercent had passed away suddenly. He was a long-time staff member of GJM as a timer, TSer, and encoder. He was also a well-established fansubber in general, heading up Hiryuu and Cthuko and working with many high profile groups and fansubbers over the five or so years that I had known him, at the very least.

I’m sure a lot of people remember his fansubbing tendencies (Shirobako where, Hyaku? ;_;), but when he put his mind to his work, he was a dependable staffer who had pride in what he did. High quality work was something always to be expected from HyakuPercent. Many of you have likely watched something that he has worked on at some point in the time you have been consuming fansubs.

Regrettably, I didn’t get to know him as well as I would have liked outside of the fansubbing sphere, but my personal interactions with Hyaku were always positive. He was a great guy to have around, and I can only imagine how his close friends and family must be feeling to have lost someone so important and so special to them. He was a man taken before his time, and though I may not be a spiritual man, I sincerely hope that wherever he is, that it’s a better place.

In the interests of his friends’ and family’s privacies, I would prefer not to go into great detail with regard to the circumstances of this event. Information is out there if you know where to look, but I will not direct you to it. Sorry.

Currently, his close friend @Blankaex, and other IRL friends, are raising funds to present a flower arrangement at his funeral, and any excess will be given directly to HyakuPercent’s family to help cover their funeral costs.

If you would like to help a grieving family and friends cope with their great loss, please consider either contributing directly or helping to share the fundraising Tweet, found here:

Anything you can say, give, or do is greatly appreciated. Anything as little as simply giving your condolences means a huge amount.

I apologise for putting a damper on your day when you’ve likely come here to pick up some anime, but this loss means a lot to us as people and as a group. We feel it only right to send him off in the best way we can through our limited means.

Please be aware that any comments made in poor taste will be deleted, and you will be banned. We have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to this.

Thank you for reading.


The State of GJM

Right. I’m somewhat alive again.

I have intentions to continue GJM’s existing projects. I would like Alice and Sagrada to see completion. I am aware that during my hiatus, GJM’s TV projects made limited progress, and BD projects made essentially none.

In this time, as is always the case with fansubbing, some staff members have reduced their activity levels, or retired entirely. This means that we currently have a very small team of active staff members. I believe that what we currently have available is enough to complete existing TV projects. Sagrada may require a change in staff, but otherwise, it should be possible to finish.

Alice is currently awaiting the release of episode 11, and TLC/Edit/TS of episode 12. Sagrada needs editing for episode 11, as far as I have been made aware. The existing editor for Sagrada is largely busy with other matters, as is the timer, so replacements may be in order.

TV projects are one thing, but BD projects are entirely another. As it stands, the BD backlog is over 60 BD volumes. I am the sole worker for BD projects at GJM, minus some encoding assistance for certain series. Until the TV backlog is cleared up, all BD projects would need to be put on hold to focus our limited resources.

No promises are currently being made as to whether this “revival” of GJM will be a successful event. I owe it to my staff to try now that I’ve had a sufficient break from subtitling as a whole, and have the drive to continue working again. Burnout is real, folks, don’t ignore it like I did.

I’m sure a bunch of you are gonna yell at me for letting this happen in the first place, and I probably deserve it, but hopefully, we can fix things and get back on our feet again. Give us a little bit of time and maybe a little bit of love, and we’ll do our best to deliver high-quality subtitles once again.

Sorry for the mess, and thank you for your support so far.

Fyurie, reporting back in.


Recruitment, Girlish Number, and Other News

I’ll be using this post to cover a few matters.

First up is Girlish Number, as people have been asking a lot about it in comments, on Ask, IRC, etc. As it stands, due to staff scheduling, and the show’s overall difficulty (and the other-project delays those are creating, see: MahoIku still at TS), we’ll be dropping the TV airing and will pick this show back up for its BDs. It’s a very good show and you should check it out on Crunchyroll.

As a result of this, and quite honestly it’s something we’ve needed to do for a while, we’re actively advertising for TL/TLC, Editor and Typesetter recruits. You can contact a staff member via #gjm-recruits on Rizon IRC, or you can use the Application Form in the menu bar of the website. Experience in each of these positions is preferred, but we are willing to give some general training to Typesetting applicants who hold some promise, as well as advise Editors who show potential.

Right now, I feel that GJM is in a very good place, and while I may be drowning under the sea of BDs that need QCing, I’m glad to have the staff members I have, and I look forward to working on more projects with them, and any of you who may find yourselves applying to join us.

Our apologies for Girlish Number, but priorities have to be taken, and our group can’t handle the strain of a project that challenging at this moment in time. Our other Fall shows are also enjoyable, and if you weren’t already watching them, you should check them out.

Until next time, Fyurie out.


Blu-Ray Projects – An Appeal

Hey everyone.

I don’t normally do this as almost every airing show’s BD raws make it online in some form, but it’s been a while since Akagami Vol.1 went on sale and there is still no sign of it being planned for upload on any public or private trackers. Vol.2 should also be on sale around now, too.

Purchasing missing Blu-ray volumes is a large part of the reason that GJM has Flattr and Paypal support links set up. If you’d like to see us release Akagami no Shirayuki-hime on BD instead of our awful TV raws, then consider putting a small sum towards helping us to buy the volumes. No amount is too great or too small, so don’t feel obliged to pitch in any particular amount, or even to pitch in at all.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to purchase the Blu-ray volumes yourselves and supply us with a rip of them, you’re more than welcome to do that, but please contact Fyurie on #goodjob on irc.rizon.net to learn how to do this in the correct fashion so as to allow us to use your rip for BD encoding purposes.

Finally, in the interest of transparency regarding any potential future PayPal donations, anything we receive will be charted out in a Google document that I will add to the “support us” widget if/when we receive our first donation.

Thanks for reading.