Good Job! Media Acquires Asenshi

The image above is a screenshot of Asenshi’s informal announcement to their Discord community as to the justifications behind their decision to bring themselves under the fold of GJM.

For many years now, we have worked closely with many of their staff members, most of whom are themselves already GJM members. Asenshi has partaken in many projects over the decade they have existed, and there is little doubt that many of you have watched several of their releases. This arrangement allows them to continue to produce the high-quality work they are well known for without the concerns of staffing, server costs, or the like. Likewise, GJM benefits greatly from gaining additional dedicated members with a drive for exceptional results and is happy to welcome them on board.

As a final note, mentioned later in their Discord server was a clarification regarding Made in Abyss. They’ll be continuing that project under their existing tag for consistency reasons, so be sure to look out for that when it airs!

We hope you look forward to seeing what they can do here at GJM.

Good Job! Media


        • Only because they retro’d their Yuru Camp 2 announcement.
          (Grumble grumble)
          It was only +200 signs an episode, obscure cultural and language points, and complete inconsistency in place names…

          • I guess it’s time to acquire Kaleido as well – and it does share staff with GJM too. :D

  1. I surprised asenshi is still around. Anyway, whatever the news, as long it good sign at slightest, I still moraly support you guys.

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