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Hello, everyone!

First of all, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We hope you’ve all had a good time.

As the sidebar may be beginning to inform you in our stead, we’d like to expand our pool of available Typesetters, both for backlog projects and going forward from here.

As it stands, we have perhaps 2-3 highly active Typesetters regularly handling multiple projects at a time. You’ve all probably noticed that, for example, iFanz worked on Kamisama ni Natta Hi, but he also works on both Kaguya-sama and Bocchi, which also have sizable workloads themselves. This is but one example.

For this reason, we’d like to announce that we’re opening up our Typesetting Training Program once again, just as we did in previous years to gain some of our valued recruits.

While we would prefer it, previous experience is absolutely not necessary. Alongside providing you with the various guides available for all kinds of aspects of the Typesetting role to read through, members of GJM’s (and others’) TS staff will be there to help coach you if you have any questions or become stuck. If you’d like to get a headstart on that reading, you can find one of the most reliable foundational Typesetting guides at: https://unanimated.github.io/ts/index.htm.

Again, we stress that there are no bad applicants for this position. We will do our best to coach you. If you have even a passing interest, you should consider dropping your name into the proverbial hat.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact us through our Discord server, which can be found using the link on the menu bar above this post. The best place to do this is through one of our public channels as not all staff members respond to DMs equally.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope to see some of you soon.

Good Job! Media


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