The End of an Era

This has probably been due since at least the turn of the decade based on our output, but it’s time to stop deluding ourselves and accept reality.

As of this post, Good Job! Media will no longer be making progress on/picking up new projects. The Discord server will remain publicly available as it has become an excellent source of subbing knowledge and destroying that would be sacrilege.

The seedbox hosting all of our releases will become inactive on March 22nd, 2024. If you wish to archive anything we have released, you have until then to download it.

Thanks to everyone who has subbed for GJM, past and present, and thanks to the audience we’ve gathered over the years for putting up with our shit when we delayed shows into the ground.

Maybe we’ll see each other again someday, but for now, things must come to an end.

Rest in peace GJM, 2014-2024.

PS: I never got to fucking sub Angel Beats in the end. Pain.


      • Although I always appreciated the work your team has been putting on for a decade, this is a very unprofessional way to respond to someone for obvious reasons.

        • Unprofessional? You make it sound like GJM was a company that got paid and was responding to a bad review. The original poster was a cry baby jerk. I don’t like this group disbanding, one of the last greats that were left, but I understand. Fansubbing is a thanklesstime consuming hobby serving the needs with very vocal need cry babies.

    • This team worked for 10 years making good DUB as a pashion project and is very rude from you to treat them like that (also they were never woke).

    • You’re stupid as fuck and shouldn’t be allowed internet access.

      • Dude, every human being who commented that ‘I am stupid” was always the stupid one other than me. So you are just wasting your neurons trying to come up with an insult which should work on me, but it doesn’t.

  1. Thank you for all the effort over the years! It’s been appreciated!

  2. Thank you for all of your releases! Will the typesetting camp and recruitment channels shut down too?

    • The typesetting camp itself, yes. The role-specific help channels will remain open though so anyone willing to learn can join the server and grab the Subber role to look stuff up/ask questions.

    • Peeps in the Discord said Areki might finish it since she really wanted to see it through until the end. If that doesn’t happen then I think that someone else will *eventually* pick it up.

  3. I will miss the SUB done for Kaguya-sama. Thank you for your hard work and dedication for this site!

  4. Damn, you guys were making some of the best subs. Thanks for all the hard work this past decade!

  5. Well, damn, and Bocchi was so close to the end as well… And, of course, will miss the rest of Aquatope as well. But having seen enough groups die before eventually retiring myself as well, it’s not like I don’t understand the decision too well. Sad to see you go, and best wishes for the future, then!

  6. Man you guys stalled shit into the ground but the releases were always great, you will be missed and I hope you return one day.

  7. Thanks for everything, I watched Expelled from Paradise using your subs.

  8. I was really holding out hope you’d finish at least Kaguya-sama. I’ve had it on the backlog from early season 3 since it began stalling, deciding to finish it once you released it all. 22/7 I suppose I can just watch from someone else. But Kaguya-sama truly deserves to be finished. But whether or not you finish it, thanks for all the years of top-notch releases.

    • In another comment someone said that “Peeps in the Discord said Areki might finish it since she really wanted to see it through until the end.”
      So there’s still hope, haha

  9. Thank you for the work you’ve put in over the years. GJM’s subs were always amazing, despite the time they took to come out. It sucks to see you go.

  10. Bummer. :-( I was eagerly waiting for your releases to finish watching season 3 of Kaguya-sama. Would have been nice to get a full Bocchi set too, since there were only two episodes remaining there as well.

    Very sad these last few fansub groups are closing up. Looking at DameDesuYo’s site it doesn’t appear they will finish Lycoris Recoil at this rate.

  11. Your subs are art!
    Thanks for all the work and frustration put in over the years by the dozens of staff. Herding cats must’ve be an ordeal, but what you made here is exceptional. Everything must end but not everything is missed, and GJM will truly be missed.

  12. Oh no D: I always look forward to your releases of Ascendance of a Bookworm series ;-; Than k you for the amazing work you guys have done!

    • OH, damn, you had to remind me that we now have to watch the recently announced next season without GJM…

      • There is a very high chance the Bookworm staff will continue working on Bookworm elsewhere. We were also in the middle of revisiting S1 for a BD release with updated subs (since we have people on the project who are up-to-date reading the LN). This is likely to still happen at some point, just not under GJM anymore.

  13. Thank god.
    Now Kaguya can finally get out of GJM jail and be finished by individuals with less commitment issues.

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