Good Job! Media – Fall 2022

As those who have paid attention to our Discord (or the sidebar here, for that matter) already know, we picked two shows to work on in the upcoming season! I know that our backlog keeps growing, but I can assure you that the teams working on the Fall 2022 shows are completely independent – it’s all staff that isn’t busy with any other projects.

And on that note, I have more announcements to make! Both Spy and Bisque are seeing progress and should be finished soon. Kaguya is progressing slowly but surely as well. So once those are done, the rest of our staff – those not occupied with the new seasonals – are going to put some thought and effort into progressing some badly forgotten shows from our backlog, particularly 22/7, Bocchi, and maybe even Aquatope. Moving some of those projects won’t be easy, as some staff needs to be replaced, but keep an eye out for those!

We hope you’re looking forward to both our new and old shows, and thank you for choosing GJM!