Additional Information

If you’ve landed here, then you’re probably interested in joining GJM. Below you’ll find a brief description of what we would like to see from a person fulfilling the appropriate position(s).

Proficient in Japanese; and hopefully somewhat so in English too. While we will mainly work on weeklies, we are not against doing Movies or OVA/Specials if you want to do them once in a while. We will likely ask you for OP/ED translations every now and again for the shows we work on, too. You will also have reasonable input on the shows we choose to subtitle.

Able to work with both cleaning up Transport Streams (.ts files) and if those are not available, filtering preexisting encodes to remove defects. Ideally, you should have a fairly decent PC, if not actually having a separate encoding rig, as we will generally be aiming to release between 24-48h from airing, so you will need to be able to finish an encode in decent time.

You should know what a good lead-in and lead-out looks like. Being able to time fairly quickly without scene bleeds is a major plus. You should be able to produce, or at least use pass files for keyframes. We also ask our timers are able to pre-time signs for Typesetting, and to time-shift karaoke from previous episodes of a show to match up with the current one if it is required.

Know .ass, we don’t accept AFX typesetters at all. You should have a good-to-great understanding of ASS tags and be somewhat aware of the quirks of the .ass format. We will be recommending xy-vsfilter for our releases, so you should be TSing for that, and not VSfilter (so no staged transforms please).

Editors must have a strong grasp of the English language. Take translated sentences and turn them into nice, natural, smooth-flowing English. But flow isn’t everything. If you’re leaving minor grammar errors all over the place, we probably won’t enjoy having you. This is a role that should be performed with care. Be sure that you want to edit, and that you want to do it well, before you apply for this position.

Know English, and know it well. Some groups do this job differently. Here, you’ll be expected to check a near-final script for errors in typesetting, timing/k-timing, as well as watching out for grammatical errors and awkward dialogue flow. Like we mentioned with the editor role, you should be prepared to take this one seriously. A good release depends a lot on a good QC to pick out any potential mistakes in any aspect of said script.

Ideally should have access to transport streams for uploading fairly early, if not on the completion of a show’s episode airing, so the group can begin translating and so on. We’d ask that you have a decent upload speed, but we aren’t going to be picky. Having a source is more important than it getting to us at light speed. We understand that cappers usually like to maintain their privacy, so if you’d prefer to do things discreetly, you can contact us using more private methods, like emailing Fyurie at [email protected], for a more private conversation.

If you can supply us with an XDCC bot, or a seedbox, that would be great. While we have a bot of our own, they only hold so many files before filling up. However, our main concern is making sure our releases are well-seeded and (almost) always available. If you can supply a seedbox for this purpose, then contact us.

A bit of a wall. Whoops. That aside, if you’re interested in joining us to do work as any of the roles mentioned above, use the Application Form in the menu, or speak to a staff member in #goodjob or #gjm-recruits on Rizon IRC (

Thanks for reading, we hope to see some new faces in our staff channel soon!