This page contains information pertaining to all fansubbers and is meant to be a one-stop-shop of resources.

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Aegisub Builds

The most up-to-date version of Aegisub that should currently be used is line0’s r8903+1 build, not the official 3.2.2 build. It also comes bundled with DependencyManager, a tool for easily obtaining typesetting scripts and keeping them up-to-date.

line0’s builds currently mirror CoffeeFlux’s unstable builds, so we’ve provided a mirror of older stable builds here:

r8903+1 Installer

sha1 hash: a51bc4e533af4aa73f047f8f5760bb9211404ac3
md5 hash: 7fdfd9ad5407906b342019456a61f375

r8902 Installer

sha1 hash: 3830d43f8138e29ee8751b97cd84084f9f8dd7f2
md5 hash: 45adb6099ce5b951978bf16ae57d421b


Upon starting up Aegisub the first time you should go ahead and change the following settings:
View > Options > Advanced > Video

  • Set Subtitles Provider to libass.
  • Untick Force BT.601. This is extremely important to make sure you work in the right colorspace.

Restart Aegisub for the changes to fully take effect. Note that script settings may override the colorspace.