Blu-Ray Projects – An Appeal

Hey everyone.

I don’t normally do this as almost every airing show’s BD raws make it online in some form, but it’s been a while since Akagami Vol.1 went on sale and there is still no sign of it being planned for upload on any public or private trackers. Vol.2 should also be on sale around now, too.

Purchasing missing Blu-ray volumes is a large part of the reason that GJM has Flattr and Paypal support links set up. If you’d like to see us release Akagami no Shirayuki-hime on BD instead of our awful TV raws, then consider putting a small sum towards helping us to buy the volumes. No amount is too great or too small, so don’t feel obliged to pitch in any particular amount, or even to pitch in at all.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to purchase the Blu-ray volumes yourselves and supply us with a rip of them, you’re more than welcome to do that, but please contact Fyurie on #goodjob on irc.rizon.net to learn how to do this in the correct fashion so as to allow us to use your rip for BD encoding purposes.

Finally, in the interest of transparency regarding any potential future PayPal donations, anything we receive will be charted out in a Google document that I will add to the “support us” widget if/when we receive our first donation.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Too bad that I don’t have enough time on my hands for work any more, but I’d probably be buying Shirayuki-hime otherwise.
    I might buy them in a few months if they haven’t been uploaded by then.
    Not everyone uploads on a monthly basis though, someone might still be buying and just uploading several volumes at a time (like I’ve done in the past).

    • Yeah, I’ve seen people do that in the past. I was surprised U2娘 never latched on to this show though, it was one of the better Summer shows. I was expecting them to have put it up a while ago. ;_;

      Do lemme know if you plan on grabbing them in the future though, that’d be really helpful.

  2. Well U2娘@Share in the end is just a few people that decided to sort of communicate what they’d be buying between each other so that there’s not too many people uploading the same stuff, it’s not a very organised collective or anything.
    So you’re still depending on the tastes and wallets of everyone under the label (which is why some popular stuff goes unuploaded for a while while obscure stuff can go up in days).
    I haven’t really kept up with it recently though and the site is down it seems, so I don’t know if anyone claimed Shirayuki either.
    And yeah I’ll let you know if I buy them.

    • Yeah, I know how U2娘 works, I’m just sad that nobody taking part in it wanted to get Akagami. :(

      Sure, sounds good.

    • Charlotte’s scripts were edited today with the required fixes for Vol.1’s release. The 720p encodes appear to be done too. Hopefully I can get those moving over the next few days.

      God Eater is another BD we’d have to buy as it’s not uploaded anywhere either, so as such there’s no real progress there.

  3. “Finally, in the interest of transparency regarding any potential future PayPal donations, anything we receive will be charted out in a Google document that I will add to the “support us” widget if/when we receive our first donation.”
    Careful now you keep that up and soon groups using donation money to go to cons won’t be able to do that anymore

    • They should probably not be using their donation funds for that, then. ;)

      All of our donations actually go towards just BDs right now, staff members foot the entire server costs as it stands.

      We’ve managed to buy Akagami Vol.1 with donations already, and if we can raise around another $10 or so, we can get God Eater Vol.1 too, as a friend is prepared to foot a large portion of the bill himself.

  4. The debit and credit columns in the document seem to have been reversed but the header wasn’t renamed, just saying…

      • It was not a mistake. Swapped them back. I checked this with an accountant, debit = money gained, credit = money spent. The only reason that bank records seem to be the other way around is because it’s written from the perspective of the bank, not the customer. The order that they appear in is also standardized as Debit, Credit, Balance.
        If that confuses you, don’t worry, that’s what the color indicators are for.

        • I like learning new things. Thanks! Apparently it depends on the type of account – for an Asset or Expense account a debit is an increase and a credit is a decrease. For Liability, Income/Revenue, and Expense accounts a debit is a decrease and a credit is an increase – or so I’m given to understand, though I’m no accountant.

          • Obviously the only real answer is to flip the headers on a daily basis and keep everyone on their toes. :D

          • This make more sense in Double-entry bookkeeping system, where money only shift between accounts. To pay for something you decrease a value from you Assets account and increase the value at the Expenses account. Forget about the names credit/debit and only think about from where the money go out and where it go in. All transactions must sum to zero, money only shifts places.

            A program that use this format is http://www.ledger-cli.org/. Is simple cli command for double-entry accounting.

            I formated the GJM balance sheet where as a example http://pastebin.com/YVj57mjP and I found an error, the PayPal fee for the 11/11 is entered two time. Where is the report for Assets account http://pastebin.com/zG9iXqpz and for all accounts http://pastebin.com/AcxiGzyp and the balance http://pastebin.com/bG5e2uD9 (the output of ledger is colored, but no colors on pastebin).

          • This went right over my head, I know nothing about accounting. ;_;

            Thanks for pointing out me entering the fee twice though, I must have done that by accident when I was re-ordering things to add the Flattr funds from October.

  5. Okay for the country but why the heck does Flattr ask the nationality of its users?
    I’ll try paypal I guess.

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