The State of GJM

Right. I’m somewhat alive again.

I have intentions to continue GJM’s existing projects. I would like Alice and Sagrada to see completion. I am aware that during my hiatus, GJM’s TV projects made limited progress, and BD projects made essentially none.

In this time, as is always the case with fansubbing, some staff members have reduced their activity levels, or retired entirely. This means that we currently have a very small team of active staff members. I believe that what we currently have available is enough to complete existing TV projects. Sagrada may require a change in staff, but otherwise, it should be possible to finish.

Alice is currently awaiting the release of episode 11, and TLC/Edit/TS of episode 12. Sagrada needs editing for episode 11, as far as I have been made aware. The existing editor for Sagrada is largely busy with other matters, as is the timer, so replacements may be in order.

TV projects are one thing, but BD projects are entirely another. As it stands, the BD backlog is over 60 BD volumes. I am the sole worker for BD projects at GJM, minus some encoding assistance for certain series. Until the TV backlog is cleared up, all BD projects would need to be put on hold to focus our limited resources.

No promises are currently being made as to whether this “revival” of GJM will be a successful event. I owe it to my staff to try now that I’ve had a sufficient break from subtitling as a whole, and have the drive to continue working again. Burnout is real, folks, don’t ignore it like I did.

I’m sure a bunch of you are gonna yell at me for letting this happen in the first place, and I probably deserve it, but hopefully, we can fix things and get back on our feet again. Give us a little bit of time and maybe a little bit of love, and we’ll do our best to deliver high-quality subtitles once again.

Sorry for the mess, and thank you for your support so far.

Fyurie, reporting back in.


  1. Glad you did a break and took a rest of fansubbing, it’s hard to keep interest and keep doing it for a long time. Good luck!

    • Thanks. Sorry for letting these projects fall off.

      Hopefully, this’ll all work out and we can try to do something with GJM again.

  2. I’m glad you’re back, GJM has been one of the best groups in the period it has been most active, I hope this will bring some shows the releases they deserve.
    (btw, any news on Ancient Magus Bride progress?)

    • Thanks. Sorry for the downtime.

      MahoYome’s a Commie project that I laid my hands off a while back, though it’s in part my fault that it was stalled.

      I’m not sure if I’ll return to it as I want to put all my effort towards GJM’s revival.

  3. Glad to see you back and wish nothing but the best for all of GJM. It’s not a bad thing to push yourself once in a while, but everyone needs time now and again to step back, explore other interests, and rejuvenate themselves.Welcome back; I hope to continue enjoying everything GJM works on for a long time yet!

  4. Undead Job Media o_O

    Glad to see that you’re still kicking, and pumped up, no less. I’ve been waiting until now, so I’ll definitely wait for GJM on Sagrada Reset a while longer.

    And yes, burnout is very real. Been in this situation a couple of times before learning to handle it. I hope this serves as good experience for you the same way my own burnout served to me.

  5. Very nice to see you again my good sir – and no problems whatsoever. Folks need to take breaks every once in a while. :)

  6. So happy to see you back! I know how real burnout is…Take all the time you need, and plenty of love :-).

  7. Don’t feel you need to apologise, Fyurie. Subbing is a thankless and miserable use of free time, after all. I’m really glad to see you back, but take it slow, ok?

    • thankless wow bitter much there are plenty of us that appreciate all the work you do but if that’s how you see it then so be it.

      • Well it is. You put hours and hours of unpaid time into a product that will at best have a few people say “thanks” and at worst have lots of people insult you for the tiniest of things. It happens to all subbers to some degree.

        • Having seen the cycle personally a few times I’d say most of it comes naturally with the kind of things we’re doing: repeated bursts of activity forced into very short timespans. It’s like working overtime every week; doable for a period of time, completely unsustainable long term. Either you take a break or your mind/body will impose it on you from exhaustion.

          • I understand too done some QC work myself anyway there will always be haters and critics that have something to say even if its pointless or invalid they don’t know how much work it takes to sub and perfect it to the best you guys do.

  8. Welcome back, Fyurie!
    Rest is important in every work or hobby, fansubbing included.

    We’re glad to have you with us again. Especially in the current scene where most the big groups/players of recent years are either silent or completely gone!

  9. >I’m sure a bunch of you are gonna yell at me for letting this happen in the first place, and I probably deserve it,

    Never think this, it’s your life and you’re doing this for us for free. We’re the ones who doesn’t deserve this really.. But thanks for continuing anyway.

      • Try Modafinil instead. It helps with focusing and it doesn’t have the nasty effects of Adderall.
        The worst side effect is that it might fuck with your sleep schedule since it is technically a wakefulness promoter.

        Thanks for coming back. I’ll be patiently waiting for the BDs of Flip Flappers.

      • Concerta’s what I use for long-acting and Ritalin for short-term. Idk if those have any negative effects.

        Welcome back, though, Fyu!

  10. Good to have you back. Will be looking for the movie projects that you guys were working on. Unleash your fury on the backlog. :)

  11. Nice news, and thanks! Alice was one of those I was waiting for, so I’m happy. Good luck on the revival!!

  12. Gotta do what you gotta do.

    I’m just extremely happy to see Alice resumed, and looking forward to Sagrade Reset. I haven’t started watching that yet, and won’t until it’s completed.

  13. Just end. I’m not trolling or anything but returning and leaving and returning again it’s clear that is it time to give it up instead of wasting your effort.

  14. yey glad your back I understand what your saying and no worries every one needs a break or your going to burn your self out.

  15. Just glad that you’re back. One of the best fansub groups out there hope you guys stay back because you’re honestly on of my favorite groups out there.

  16. Are there any plans to sub/release High School Fleet OVA (2017)? If i am able to provide the translation, will you be able to do the rest of the work needed to release it?

    • Hey, sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been making myself busy with projects.

      We’ve got both OVAs encoded, translated and edited. 01 is timed and is being TSed. 02 needs timing and TS.

      They’ll be a bit longer, but they’re both possible for us to release in the near future.

  17. Good to have you back with us. And if it’s any consolation, you aren’t currently stalling any movies that have been stalled for over two years (I WANT MY NEW YORK IDOLS, NAINE)

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