Recruitment, Girlish Number, and Other News

I’ll be using this post to cover a few matters.

First up is Girlish Number, as people have been asking a lot about it in comments, on Ask, IRC, etc. As it stands, due to staff scheduling, and the show’s overall difficulty (and the other-project delays those are creating, see: MahoIku still at TS), we’ll be dropping the TV airing and will pick this show back up for its BDs. It’s a very good show and you should check it out on Crunchyroll.

As a result of this, and quite honestly it’s something we’ve needed to do for a while, we’re actively advertising for TL/TLC, Editor and Typesetter recruits. You can contact a staff member via #gjm-recruits on Rizon IRC, or you can use the Application Form in the menu bar of the website. Experience in each of these positions is preferred, but we are willing to give some general training to Typesetting applicants who hold some promise, as well as advise Editors who show potential.

Right now, I feel that GJM is in a very good place, and while I may be drowning under the sea of BDs that need QCing, I’m glad to have the staff members I have, and I look forward to working on more projects with them, and any of you who may find yourselves applying to join us.

Our apologies for Girlish Number, but priorities have to be taken, and our group can’t handle the strain of a project that challenging at this moment in time. Our other Fall shows are also enjoyable, and if you weren’t already watching them, you should check them out.

Until next time, Fyurie out.


  1. How long until flip flappers and mahou get dropped because “it’s too hard :( “

    • You clearly have no idea how complex translating and editing a show full of references and industry jargon can be, not to mention its immense typesetting requirement to be presentable.

      Please, hold your tongue before you make a fool of yourself.

      • Are you translating from scratch ?! Just modify and improve Crunchyroll subs because they are not so bad

        • Yes, we were, because Crunchyroll is SIX DAYS LATE. That’s why we did the original.

          Even then, I need to do a lot of external research to edit every single episode of Girlish Number, so it’s not a project I can feasibly maintain with my workload. BDs just make so much more sense.

        • Way back when Symphogear GX was airing, Commie tried editing Crunchyroll’s script because of the same reason you’re giving here, and it ended up taking them so much longer than usual to release the episode that they decided “fuck that” and went back to translating from scratch.

          You clearly understand shit all of the fansubbing process.

  2. I’m glad that you dropped Girlish Number. It is boring show

    But I hope Mahou Shoujo won’t take long. the 3rd epsiode will out soon and 2nd episode is still not subbed

    • Yeah, its TS was delayed by Girlish Number’s TSing needing doing. Things should go back to normal for 3 and onwards.

  3. Thanks for the news about Girlish Number, I guess it’s better to know early than wait forever. On that note and since you’re doing a split with them, do you know what’s up with DDY’s webpage? It’s been down for a while.

    • Some micro-dick script kiddie’s been harassing them with DDoS attacks for the past few days. Apparently some people have nothing better to do.

  4. While it is sad to not see Girlish Number releases for a while, I’m glad you are planning to do the BDs. Thank you for the news!

  5. As sad as it is to hear this, I can wait for the BDs. At least I still know there will be proper quality subs for it, and the additional quality of a BD version will be nice to have as well. :)

  6. Thanks for the info for girlish number and especially you guys hard work for subbing. Will wait the BDs :))

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