Mahou Tsukai no Yome ~Hoshi Matsu Hito~ – 03 (OVA)

Here’s the last ep. I decided to revive for this one.

Might be doing the main series somewhere, still figuring it out.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome ~Hoshi Matsu Hito~ – 03 (OVA): [Torrent]

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  1. Yay!
    If the main series is anything like the quality this has been will be absolutely delighted. Been reading the manga and it’s easily one of the best out there.

  2. Thank you for this. I held off watching until the final OVA was released. I’m glad I left it for this weekend. Having your subs for all 3 made it worth the wait.

  3. Your comment leaves a lot of unanswered questions but to keep it brief:

    Has every other project been dropped?

    I may have missed it but who is the “I” who decided to revive for this one and indeed, who are GJM now, a team or an individual?

    Only want to know as the collapse of GJM has left a lot of unfinished projects, can we count on any sort of continuation or is that just wishful thinking.

    Thanks for reviving for this, I wasn’t expecting it but really appreciate it.

    • “I” would be me.

      I revived for this, and maybe other personal passion projects in the future.

      GJM is still a team, but one without the motivation to continue existing projects right now. I can’t speak for them entirely though. I have no idea if they’ve dropped the projects. GJM SHOULD be more than just me, so they should have continued.

      • “GJM SHOULD be more than just me, so they should have continued.”

        They relied on you too much it seems.

      • “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
        Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…
        The best lack all conviction, while the worst
        Are full of passionate intensity”

      • That last sentence sounds to me like a slap across the other member’s face, and yet they have nothing to say. Well, you’re the only member I’ve ever seen speaking for this group anyway. It really saddens me to see you guys like this. I feel like it was just yesterday that you guys released Re-Kan. I hope you guys can find a way to work things out. It’s about all I can do anyway.

        • I didn’t mean to devalue the work they put in, as they’re all very skilled at their roles. That’s part of why they’re here. I just don’t think they’re easily self-motivated if they don’t already have a huge interest in the projects they’re working on.

          • I’m sure you didn’t, and neither did I. Sorry if that’s how it seemed.
            That was just me wishing they would come out and say something about the matter, if they already haven’t somewhere else. I mean, I only found out a couple of weeks ago that you had left the group at some random comment section. Not knowing what’s going on can make anyone feel anxious.

        • “Well, you’re the only member I’ve ever seen speaking for this group anyway.”
          Then what am I, a ghost?

          I love fansubbing, I love GJM, but GJM without Fyurie is not the same GJM anymore.
          Fyurie had good reasons for leaving fansubbing, and I’m pretty sure most of the staff shares the same feelings that led him to retiring – getting bored of it, not feeling the same satisfaction as we used to feel and so on. Crunchyroll is improving, practically all in-house CR translations are on quite high level, so there’s nothing to do for translators and editors – working on something licensed by CR is simply boring. On the other hand, there’s some anime, especially things licensed by Sentai (like Sagrada Reset or Zero Kara Hajimaru Mahou no Sho, if we’re talking about the recent seasons), that have practically 0 translation accuracy, and they do need fansubbers to fix them, but it’s a lot of effort and there’s more and more people who don’t watch fansubs anymore, or people who will watch literally anything, no matter the quality. I have so many even IRL friends who are like “so what?” when I tell them to stop watching release X for anime Y because the translation is full of errors. I sometimes feel like the only people who care about accurate translation and good subs are fansubbers themselves, so what’s the point of putting so much effort?
          I’m pretty sure most of the staff, especially people who have been fansubbing for quite a while, feel this way. The only thing keeping us together and giving us motivation was having a good group leader – Fyurie. He’s just so good at managing people, motivating them, making sure they do their part… From what I’ve heard and seen on the internet, people either hate or love Fyurie, but I have to admit that I really admire him. He’s just an amazing group leader who inspired me to join English fansubbing, who accepted me into GJM despite me being very unsure about my translation skills at first, since before that I translated only from Japanese to Polish. He inspired me to get better at English. It’s thanks to him, GJM, and other GJM staff that I decided to give up studying programming and switch universities to study translation and linguistics instead, to become a professional translator in the future.
          I just can’t express how important Fyurie was to all of us. He was always the center of GJM, and after he left it, there was no reason for us to continue anymore. Because Fyurie was always our only reason. I mean, there is some things I still want to finish, like the movie Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda, since we put a lot of effort into it, but who can QC to ensure the quality now that Fyurie is gone? Who can finish unfinished projects when half of the staff working on them simply disappeared at some point?
          I’ll probably still continue fansubbing in DameDesuYo, Commie, or some other group if they’re planning to work on anything I’m interested in, but as long as Fyurie is gone, GJM should probably be considered dead. There’s a lot of people saying things like “fansubbing is dead” or “fansubbing has always been dead”, to the point it kind of lost its meaning already, but I feel like it’s the matter of time more people get bored and follow Fyurie. Personally, I’m planning to get into professional translations by the time fansubbing dies completely. I love translating too much to stop, but I feel like soon there simply might be no one to fansub with.

          Anyway, this ended up being quite a wall of text, but there’s just one more thing I want to say. Fyurie keeps saying how GJM was more than just him, but he just doesn’t realize how much he meant to all of us. We can’t continue without him, but he should know that GJM will always welcome him warmly if he ever decides to come back. If that ever happens, I’m sure we’ll all gladly start fansubbing with him again.

          • I sure hope to see you again on the fansubbing scene
            Anyway, good luck on becoming a professional translator!

          • People always underestimate how important the “project manager” role in fansubbing
            Even if they’re not technically _doing_ any particular role on the project, having someone to tell everyone else to actually do things is essential (and they can also fill in in minor roles that people forget about, like merging TS with dialogue, setting chapter markers, finding a new timer after the old one disappears, finding a new QC after the old one disappears, ~forgetting~gathering fonts, muxing, releasing…)

          • For what it’s worth, I always check to see if there’s a fansubbed version of something before I commit to the official release. So I know there are still some people that appreciate what you do.

          • Ah, this reminds me so much of how Menclave just stopped functioning after Xistance disappeared. Well, I’ll still keep my hopes up as always, I tend to be stubborn like that, but having already seen this happen from the inside, I do know quite well what it’s like…

  4. So when Planetarian movie will get subbed. It is already been more than 1 year and still not got subbed by you !!!

    • Looking into it.

      It might not be at GJM, but should happen with a very similar team as the one for these OVAs.

      Would only be replacing myself with someone else for TS.

  5. Such a shame, but I completely understand the reasoning, I stopped translating the Mahou Sensou LN because I couldn’t stay motivated TLing and Editing by myself.

  6. Thank you very much for this!
    I was really sad when you guys stopped posting anything. And then I randomly stumbled upon the news on DDY’s comment section
    Is there a chance GJM will finish Sagrada Reset?

  7. I don’t know what GJM is doing but you should at least make an offical post stating you’re on a hiatus.

  8. Well, there are a few things that I’m definitely waiting on, and will probably continue waiting on more or less indefinitely.

    Alice to Zouroku for one. Sagrada Reset for another. I’ve watched Alice as it was released. Still waiting to start Sagrada. (I am tempted to see how Alice ends. Pretty sure that I’ve got it all figured, but sometimes it’s nice to see if I’m right.)

    The comment about Zero Kara Hajimaru Mahou no Sho struck home. There were translation errors that I was able to catch from listening, and my Japanese is terrible. Other spots, I just had to sort of figure it out, because what I saw on the CR release just didn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    For my part, I’ll always look for a fansub before going to CR. I will often compare the fansub to the CR release, and if there aren’t any major discrepancies (Hey let’s face it, lots of groups use the CR translation as their base, nowadays) I might watch the CR version, and archive the fansub. Typesetting and the like are nice to have for an archive version, but not absolutely necessary just to watch.

    Some of the official translations are just terrible, but good official translations are definitely getting more readily accessible, and simulcast translations streaming are most definitely affecting fansubbing as a whole.

    For the main series of mahou tsukai no yome, currently there seems to be no alternative available to official releases, and since I got hooked from your translation of the OVA here, I’ve been watching it. Should GJM decide to sub it, I’ll watch and archive that version. So I’ll keep watching for releases, but in the meantime, I still want to watch it.

    I have mixed feelings about the official releases. In the “old days” there might only be one translation of any particular show. Sometimes it was good, sometimes… Not so much. Then there was a choice of several fansub groups for most popular series, and you could choose the one that you liked best. Some focused on speed over quality, some focused on quality and seamless typesetting, and some, I don’t know what they were focusing on, but there was always a choice. Many shows I watched entirely because a group whose work I liked picked it up. (For example, this one.) I don’t pick up CR shows that way. (Who has that kind of time?) But that said, so many shows are being skipped by groups that might pick it up because CR does it well enough, and entire other groups are packing it up. The end result is back to the same thing. There’s one translation for a given show. It might be good, it might be crap, but it’s probably the only game in town. We’re headed back there pretty quick.

    Well several times in the past,all of the groups that I followed packed up and vanished, and I had to start looking for new ones. Harder to do now with aggregation sites like baka updates also packing up and shutting down, and the recent demise of nyaa, though there is at least a replacement there.

    Sorry for the wall ‘o text. I’m bored at work.

    • They should all be searchable in anidex and xdcc, but it seems like a massive amount of effort to update old post links.

  9. I’m guessing this means all blu-ray series (like Hacka Doll and Masou Gakuen HxH) are dropped?

    Shame. :(

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