Good Job! Media – Fall 2018

Oh hey, we managed to pick up a couple of shows. Bet nobody saw that one coming.

The first pick is To Aru Majutsu no Index III. This was initially a cross-group-staffed effort that eventually ended up at GJM to make use of its organizational resources. A lot of us have waited a good long time for a new Index season, so this is a pretty hype project for us.

As a note, however, the first episode will be slightly more delayed than usual as our translator is a little busy over this weekend. We should reach a more regular schedule from the next episode onward though.

Our second pick was somewhat spontaneous after some off-topic discussion on the GJM Discord server. This pick is Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara. GJM’s always been known as the P.A. Works group, so it was inevitable that we’d end up doing this somehow, right?

We’re also currently searching for a couple of additional Typesetters and another Translator/TLC to help cover our upcoming and backlog projects. You can use the form in the menu bar above or contact us via IRC or Discord to apply to work with us.

As a closing point, though: We’re still working out how to keep this group entirely on its feet, and where its place in the world really is in an era that fansubbing has fallen to the wayside.

We do, however, want GJM to continue to exist regardless of this and we will do our best to find a way for it to retain a purpose. Watch this space, I guess? You might see something cool eventually, who knows!

Thanks for choosing GJM, and for continuing to support us!

Good Job! Media


  1. Wow thanks in advance for Index! I don’t mind waiting a week or two for your release in order to watch. Some things (like GJM subs) are worth the time!

  2. Edit: Looks like Irozuku was on my “to-watch, maybe” list too. Looking forward to this too! So, double-thanks :D

    • It’s in the backlog as a project that is being worked on. It’ll see some attention in the future.

      Don’t worry, it’s an actual project that’s on our radar.

  3. GJM back to seasonal fansubing is a pleasant news. Irozuku will be blessed! But I do believe Uma musume also needs some love. Please notice Special week senpai!

    • We haven’t forgotten, but the studio put in so much love that certain parts become difficult to typeset, which is the source of the stall.

  4. Good news! Personally not as interested in Index s3 as the new PAW series. Thanks in advance and am glad to see the ball rolling! :)

  5. Aweomse! I’ve been looking forward to Index III for a long time as well and it’s good to know such a great fansub group is a fan of it!

  6. I will always choose a fansub over the official subs if I can. There aren’t many groups left, but the ones that are still releasing things generally do a better job of translating and typesetting. As long as you keep makin’ em, I’ll keep watchin’ em!

  7. Glad you’re up for Index. CR has all subs BUT English ones and you don’t know when Funimation get off their asses too.

  8. hoping the subs for index 3 will really come. ( CR and funi still haven’t announced the english licensing and the asia, europe, austrailan and NA countries was not included in their stream (CR) and HS decided to not pick up Index 3). I hope GJM will translate index.

  9. So after many years of waiting we will have to wait few more years for subs. Still better than nothing.

  10. Awesome sauce, guys! I’m craving for some GJM lately. Glad you’re picking some shit up this season! :-)

  11. Please focus on Index 3

    Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara has horriblesubs which are good enough. Index 3 has no good subs

    • Different teams for different shows. Everybody’s focusing on what they should be. Nothing needs to change there.

      Also, no, Irozuku’s subs from Amazon are bad. They are not “good enough”.

  12. How nice. Looking forward to a new season with you guys subbing two of the shows on my watch list.

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