FYI for you perverts out there

Every time you comment about HxH BDs Fyurie moves it further down the list.



  1. I know we are not suppose to comment on it, but are you guys going to work the whole series on BD or what?

    • Yeah, somewhere in between the other 78 volumes in the BD backlog.

      Yes, that’s an accurate number, I counted today.

      • You’re insane. And I mean that as a compliment. It’d be okay if you leave HxH until you have worked on everything else tbh. Coalgirls is more than enough right now.

        I hope that the next series to be completed is Flip Flappers. :)

        • Tanaka-kun, MahoIku, Flip Flappers are all in my tier-1 list for BD progress.

          In which order it’ll happen, I’m not sure, but they’re most likely the next ones to see completion.

  2. Offtopic, but who are the characters in your banner? They look familiar but I can’t remember them.

  3. Eh, don’t care about that series anyway. Tanaka-kun, however, with the specials actually being new content…

    • I don’t believe Asenshi will finish encoding them due to relations between myself and their leader, who was the encoder, but we can probably find a GJM encoder to cover the last volumes.

      I wouldn’t mind working with him just to finish these off so they can be released, but I don’t see it as being likely to happen. A GJM encoder will probably be the easier alternative.

  4. Seems like a real offshoot, but what are the chances of Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito? Is it dropped?

    • It is planned, but low priority, since I haven’t started translating it yet, and I want to finish translating Sagrada first.

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