High School Fleet (BD) – Volume 6

All done. 78 more GJM BD volumes left to work on!

Volume 6 contains Ep11 and Ep12.

High School Fleet (BD) – Volume 6 (BD 720p): [Torrent][Magnet]

If you encounter any playback issues with a GJM release, please make sure you are using a recently-updated version of CCCP or KCP.

Good Job! Media


    • Batches take a little while to do as I need to mux patches, test them, and re-upload several GB of files.

      I tend to shove them down the list unless the main series had significant issues.

  1. Thanks for the release!
    Hmm… Links to Volumes 1 through 3 still lead to nyaa’s corpse.

    Is there any chance you could post these on AniDex, please?

    Or do I just have to wait patiently until you release a (low priority) batch?

  2. Thanks
    Just when i tryed to down “Orange” I found that torrent site didn’t work.I want to know where is the problem?

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