Seiren (TV) – Episode 02

This show is great. I hope this gets a second cour to include the rest of the girls.

Seiren (TV) – Episode 02: [Torrent][Magnet]

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  1. Seems Ilya had to infiltrate the body of a dimwitted high school girl to continue her fight for the Holy Grail…

  2. Was so glad when the picks for the season were announced that you guys picked this up. I am a big fan of Amagami SS and this show being so similar is just bringing back all feelings and reasons i enjoyed that show. Thanks for the awesome subbing!

  3. Thanks for the episode!

    I have to wonder if this is the most suggestive role Ayaneru has done… o_o

  4. I thought the producer or someone expressed an interest for including story arcs for the other three girls at a later time?

  5. First and foremost, I’d like to thank you guys for another episode. I’m a huge fan of Amagami, and when I saw the poster for this show months ago, I recognized the art immediately as it resembled too much that of Amagami. Much to my surprise, I was elated when I learned of all the other connections and similarities that the two of them shared. With each passing minute, I grow to like this show more and more, and the previews only add to my anxiety, as the next episode not only seems but turns out to be more exciting than the other and I always find myself waiting impatiently for them. I don’t want to jinx the show, but I hope the other girl’s arcs will be as good as Hikari’s (in their own way, of course).

    Now to the matter that I really wanted to address: if ever possible, could you consider adding the romanization of the songs? If it turns out to be as we expect, we’ll have at least three different endings, each of them dedicated to the arc’s main heroine, and I’m one of those fans that like to sing along with the opening and the ending. I’m not really against having only the translation (the fewer lines in the screen the better), but for this show I think it might be a waste. Not to mention that up to this day I still like to watch and sing along with Amagami’s endings, all of them, almost every day, and having the lyrics there made out for a great experience when I first saw it, and it still makes every time I re-watch it. Besides, I’ve already lost account of how many times I’ve watched the ending, and yet I couldn’t get a full grasp of the lyrics with my ears alone. If it’s not possible to add them from now on, then I ask that you please consider adding them later, like in the batch or in your BD release if you ever decide to do it.

    Once again, thanks to all of you for your efforts and keep up the good work you guys are doing!

    • Hey. I’m glad you’re enjoying the show, and that you’re enjoying our release of it. The reasons you’ve stated above are exactly why I wanted to do this show, and I’m glad that it’s delivering exactly as I expected.

      On the topic of romaji lyrics, this is a style choice I have taken for two years now with my “personal” projects. I can compromise this by offering romanizations separately once the official song lyrics have been released. Anything we have right now (or anyone on any song translation, for that matter) is an educated guess at best as no translator can truly understand exactly what the song artist is thinking when they compose these songs.

      There won’t, however, be any included with the episodes themselves. This is a choice I’ve made due to my philosophies on what I think a subtitled release should look like, and I want to stay steadfast on that for the time being.

      • Bummer. And here I thought I could have some romaji lyrics to sing along this time, but you didn’t say anything I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been with you guys ever since your first project (Re-Kan) so I know how you roll. Even so, I had to ask. I wonder what made you think that a subtitle release should look like that, but I totally respect it, and even though I’m an old-school guy who likes them lyrics, I’ll keep on supporting y’all ’cause your releases kick ass.

        Thanks, and see ya.

  6. I think every arc is 4 episodes so apparently the anime will cover 3 routes. Or so I have read somewhere.

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