Rewrite (TV) – Episode 14

Sorry for the delays with Episode 1. Apparently joletb wanted to watch AGDQ first. :v

Joint with Asenshi.

Rewrite (TV) – Episode 14: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


  1. I can draw better than this. But, yeah, thanks. I’m gonna check it out. (God, help me…)

  2. I see that you have started 3 new shows this season. You have also finished 2 from last season and worked on countless BD. That is great and all, but what is happening with Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2? You only have 3 eps. left. Haven’t seen anything for 3 months. You can work on all of these shows so why is this one on the back burner? Sorry for the rant I just want to finish this show with your subs been waiting a long time. Any info on the status would be great.

    • All three missing episodes are translated and edited. The stalling point right now is that I CANNOT encode the episodes as the files I require are on the hard drive I mentioned a while back that’s currently in for data recovery.

      I want to finish this, but yes, I will put massively stalled shows on the backburner so long as active work is going on. Stalling new shows to unstall old shows can end very poorly. It’s the lesser evil, I guess?

      We all apologise for how much of a trainwreck this show ended up being schedule-wise, but we’re 110% committed to completing it. Mark my words, you will see episode 24 with GJM subtitles. That’s a promise.

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