Seiren (TV) – Episode 01

I love this already, I needed more Amagami SS in my life.

Two notes going forward: We’ll be using CR’s TL as a base with TLC. Additionally, from Ep2 onward we will be switching from TBS to one of two web sources available to us. Schedule may be affected depending on our choice.

Seiren (TV) – Episode 01: [Torrent]

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Good Job! Media – Winter 2017

Another season is almost over, and also, this December marked GJM’s second anniversary. We’ve lined up two more shows for the Winter 2017 season, with perhaps more to come depending on staff interest.

The first of these is the already-announced Rewrite: Moon and Terra joint with our friends over at Asenshi. We’ll be continuing this series with them. I do hope it’s a little better than the first season though!

The other show we’ve picked for ourselves is Seiren. This will be an original translation project pending an on-time simulcast, in which case it’d become a simul-edit TLC. I personally have been looking at this show since it was first announced, and I can’t wait to start working on and watching it.

That’s everything for now, but we’ll be tweeting out future releases and other useful news, so be sure to follow us at @goodjobmedia on Twitter!

Hope you’re looking forward to our Winter 2017 picks!