Good Job! Media – Fall 2015

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With Summer mostly over, it’s about time I posted our Fall picks so here goes.

We’ll be doing Comet Lucifer and Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru during the Fall 2015 airing season.

Comet Lucifer is an in-house project, and Sakurako-san is a joint with our buddies over at FFF.

We hope that you’ll enjoy these shows, and will look forward to our releases!

Here’s to another (hopefully) solid season of anime.

Good Job! Media


  1. I had a feeling that you guys might pick these two and apparently I was right. Really looking forward to these two. Quite ejoyed your work this season and will continue to do so next season as well.Thanks a lot for all your hard work. :)

    • They’re doing editing and encoding, it shouldn’t cause any delays. I wouldn’t have jointed with FFF if I thought we’d be stalling a show into oblivion by doing it.

      • >FFF

        Do you even FFF?

        Can’t remember the last time I actually watched an FFF release, but I hope you guys don’t run into any delays and their editor actually edits. Maybe they’ve changed in the past two years or so since I dropped them / they went mostly CR edits / all of their shows were delayed by editors / their editors barely edited / got close to Commie liberal a couple times / etc. (YMMV by show/staff)

        They really were an awesome group before CR started subbing everything though, and Naine is now the project head from what I understand, so maybe they’ve made it past the rough patches.

        • the editor is Collectr, he is the guy behind Yona, Oremono and many other FFF show (and the leader of Orphan) and his project never suffer from (a very very)long delays, so I think Fyurie already considering this too. sorry my English sucks.

      • “They’re doing editing” Ugh… if it was other things then that I’d stick with you guys oh well. I’m with Bracket, I haven’t watched them since they gone full blown annoying Commie level. Maybe 2-3 years now and won’t look back. CR it is if they doing this then.

          • How it is my loss after explaining my reasons? Makes no sense. Anyone associated with that so-called group no matter if they are exceptional as you put it gets put in the same basket regardless so it would mean I didn’t watch Yona nor Oremono. My comment should of helped bring understanding on why FFF has sunk low for me entirely and for the better as I haven’t looked back. I got better things to do then scout if this release is obnoxiously liberal or not. If this person was with GJM only then I wouldn’t of made my comment at all then what I wrote below and would of been hopeful it be on the same level as Charlotte has been with you guys. Peace.

          • Your logic is massively flawed, but you aren’t going to see that, so let’s not continue this discussion past this point. All I know is you aren’t a viewer I want if your opinions swing so wildly on who works on what and where. Consider this a warning. Keep going on this road in our comments section(s) and it won’t end well.

  2. I’m still not sure what shows to pick up, but I’ll be sure to check out your picks. I loved your releases of Charlotte and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime thus far!

  3. Thanks. Gonna look forward to both shows!

    Anyway, what’s happening with Akagami no Shirayuki-hime?

  4. whew, so long that I have dwelled in the seas of the internet, I’ve only recently noticed your group (by surfing Nyaa for good subs for Charlotte -_-) now I’m looking forward to your releases… for Danchigai, Charlotte and God Eater

    I’ll try Sakurako-san… I wonder though, with GJM-FFF, will you guys make it to the blue themed torrent in Nyaa again? yes or no, give yourselves a pat on the back since you’ve already earned one for Charlotte. nice work and keep thriving for your hobby!

  5. Glad you picked up Comet; but I was hoping you’d pick up Heavy Object. Do you know if any group has plans for it?

    • Yeah, and I think I’ll have a replacement encoder so it shouldn’t be as slow as this, it’s basically me stalling it right now. Currently on toaster PC that keeps freezing and I’m already a slow filterer as it is. :(

  6. Great 2 picks, was worried no-one would pick those up, they both have me highly interested. Was hoping for Concrete Revolutio as well but oh well, hope another group does that at least.

  7. Staff lists, please?

    Fyurie edit: In relation to your (now-deleted) reply, I’ll keep one of your posts so if you post in the future you won’t go through approval, but yeah, lists are on the project listing tab.

  8. Hmm…good picks…both are potential sleeper category in my book at the moment, so looking forward to your efforts with them. :)

  9. Are they both actually 12 episodes long or do you just have it as an estimate for neatness sakes? Was hoping Comet Lucifer would be 2-cour as sounded like a nice adventure sci-fi series. :/

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