Good Job! Media


      • Pls, no need to waste time on shitty boy+girl magic high school commercials, even though I’ve read the first three (English translated) novels (which the anime will cover at maximum) of Rakudai KiSHIT, and I’m planning to read the currently translated novels of Gakusen To(probably)SHIT.

        Ideally (for me), I’d like you guys to double down on fansubbing Funimashit’s licences that do not overlap with other fansub groups faster than FFFast, but I’m not the boss of this gym. :/

        Anyways thanks for doing a good job fansubbing this anime that makes me want to stop watching originals (even though adaptations are shit most of the time as well).

  1. Thanks, I enjoyed that more than I expected I would. Then again, there’s a lot of interesting drama just left hanging out there, and probably not much chance for a second season. Still, nice to have it.

  2. Wait, is that “Calorie Maid?” at the end… Blue Hawaii flavor?!

    Why would anyone want to put this in their mouth?!

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