God Eater (TV) – Episode 08

Here’s another. Enjoy the Sakuya service picture, for once.

God Eater (TV) – Episode 08: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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Good Job! Media


    • It’s stalled at me for now. I haven’t had time between other projects to sink way too many hours into fixing the shit-tier TV broadcast yet.

      Oh, and for the earlier guy commenting “Akagami fucking where” that I deleted: asking like that is a surefire way to being banned from our comments section, so pack it in.

  1. I like how they cut out all the scenes featuring Kanon shooting all of her teammates ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I’m really starting to like the anime adaption. It’s too bad this will likely never get a second season due to it being non-canon and all the issues it’s had to far.

  2. Thank you for subs.

    5:20: was going ‘to’ take a look, 6:53: …God Eater’s bracelet. and the capabilities… dunno if intended as one or two sentence. 23:37: last sentence, no ending period.

  3. Damn. I just found out God Eater 10-13 will be delayed till Winter 2015/2016! They’re trying to pull off another Kekkai Sensen!

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