God Eater (TV) – Episode 09

A bit of a delay on this ep after switching the encoders back to normal. We’ll be doing the other TV eps when they air during the Winter season, so look out for those.

Until then, thanks for choosing GJM!

God Eater (TV) – Episode 09: [Torrent] & [DDL]

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    • They didn’t have more timeslots after all the delays, so now we wait until winter , and it’s 13 episodes actually.
      This anime is the biggest production disaster in recent years. I mean, I think the show itself is pretty decent.
      But I can’t ignore the production hell it’s gone through with all the delays, and the last 4 episodes delayed until winter because they ran out of timeslots

      • At least they’re taking their time on it instead of rushing out unfinished episodes with horrible animation like most studios do.

        • Yeah, credit where credit’s due to ufotable there. They could have taken the easy way out, but they’re taking the PR hit to do things properly instead.

      • Well, i wouldn’t call that one the biggest production desaster or have you already forgotten what happened with Kekkai Sensen?
        They delay the LAST episode after a shocking cliffhanger, becaus they didn’t want to cut anything or split the ending in two episodes, so it got dealaed for a few months. All that just so the finale can be aired in a 46 minute “special” episode…….when no one even remembers what happened in the show.

  1. http://b.1339.cf/esxxhvd.ass last edit for a while. I also changed mother and father to papa and mama. That always bothered me since you hear the character say it and you read something else but, it’s what ever I guess. Now to a wait the remaining 4.

    • >That always bothered me since you hear the character say it and you read something else

      Isn’t this translation in a nutshell, though?

      I’m sure some people appreciate what you’re doing, but I don’t think this show has needed it, personally.

      • >Isn’t this translation in a nutshell, though?

        Assuming it was actually said in English, no. That’s editing an English dialect into a different English dialect or equivalent.

        Alisa grew up in the Fenrir Russian branch region and uses whatever English dialect she learned growing up there.

        • If we want to get technical, at the Russian branch, she wouldn’t even be speaking English. ;)

          Honestly though, if a name-order choice is enough to make you almost drop a show, you should consider your picks more carefully.

          • >she wouldn’t even be speaking English
            Just because they live in another country doesn’t mean they don’t use or borrow from other languages :roll:

            >make you almost drop a show
            Back burner != drop. I simply would have delayed watching until I felt like editing the script. Luckily they didn’t continue using full names much after the first episode from what I recall.

          • I think people like you over-exaggerate the importance of things like honorifics and name-order, personally. I’m very indifferent to it myself.

            I’d be more concerned about the accuracy of important dialogue than whether the names are “the right way round”. The games did it this way and our TLC, who has played them, wanted to stay true to that.

            I might change my mind on it for the batch as there is a place it didn’t work out cleanly enough for me, but for the rest of the main series, I’m respecting her decision on the subject.

          • Your group, your show, your decisions. As you implied, it’s not horribly important to the actual script and can easily be ignored or edited if needed. I’m not asking you to include honorifics or use Eastern order.

            The scene in the first episode showing Lenka getting his God Arc is what really made me cringe. Normally I would be able to ignore Western order without problem, but that just really turned me off for some reason. YMMV

            The fact is, I saw SANYA’s edits and it allowed me to continue watching instead of putting it off due to not wanting to edit the script at that moment.

            I do think that editing English dialects is crossing the line a bit, but again, your decisions. Do whatever you believe is correct and screw others; you can’t make everyone happy.

            If you have a friend with an accent and that uses a weird dialect, what would you think if they suddenly started speaking using a different accent and dialect?

            Would you translate a character that’s using Kagoshima-ben as simple, proper English?

          • I’m too busy to respond to a large majority of this, so please excuse me on that, I’ll come back later and give you a real response, but one thing I want to jump on immediately because it has a short answer is the mom/dad thing.

            It’s a pretty well-established pattern that Japan borrows those words even if the character in question might not have explicitly ever referred to their parents that way if they were speaking in English. I’ve seen manly men characters call their dad Papa instead of, say, Father, or in the case of a rough dude, Old Man, maybe!

            I didn’t feel like Alisa would speak in that way, so I and the TLC had her address her parents in a more appropriate fashion.

            Hope this makes sense. Translation is ultimately about getting the meaning across, not the words, that’s my philosophy, so if you have to bend the rules ever so slightly to get the gains in the script (without being inaccurate, of course), I’m happy to do it.

          • I was just worried it was edited just because and that it could possibly happen again whenever English is spoken. As long as you have a reason it’s fine.

            FWIW, I believe Alisa used Papa and Mama in the English release of GEB. I believe you mentioned trying to staying true to the game and I’ve noticed you’ve used terms from the game. Likely falls under your bending the rules, but just thought I’d mention it in case your TLC forgot. (I could be wrong. It’s been a few months since I played GEB again)

    • I do appreciate what you’re doing. I was about to put the show on my back burner because the Western naming order kept throwing me off on the first episode.

      >you hear the character say it and you read something else

  2. Are you going to batch the first 9 episodes or wait for the full 12? Also is there any chance you will fix the first episode timing issue in the batch? I like to watch the episodes one after another and the timing issues mess’ that up.

    • I won’t be batching it before the full 13 because things might come along that force a second set of fixes.

      The timing bug is fixed for when the batch does come around though, and for the BDs if they ever get uploaded, too.

  3. Maybe someone already saw this for batch, but I think there is some kind of editing thing going on at 19:40.

    Dialogue: 10,0:19:39.19,0:19:42.20,GJM_Main,,0,0,0,,It’s a cycle of despair.{There is no hope.}{It’s a spiral.}
    Dialogue: 10,0:19:43.74,0:19:46.58,GJM_Main,,0,0,0,,Then pass it on to someone.
    Dialogue: 10,0:19:47.58,0:19:49.96,GJM_Main,,0,0,0,,The same way your mother did.

    It seems like these lines became very disjointed through editing or something. The “it” in the second line is supposed to refer to hope, not cycle of despair. lol

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