Regarding Recent Events

Hi there. Fomalhaut here, GJM editor and sometimes lay-about jerk.

As some of you are aware, GJM’s primary mode of fansub delivery, Nyaa, was shut down two days ago.

This has dealt a blow to fansubs as a whole, but there was a time before Nyaa and there will be a time after. After all, fansubbing as a hobby and profession began simply. Back in the early 90s, well before MKV files were readily available on the internet, fansubbing involved rendering the subs onto VHS tapes, which were then mailed to others and copied.

We’ve come a long way since then.

GJM’s current short-term plans are to adjust all torrent links to magnet links. Peer-to-peer file sharing means that even without a tracker, these files are still accessible if you do your part and make them accessible to others. Please be sure to seed files that you leech.

Remember that the fansub community wouldn’t survive without you, the viewers. You congregate on message boards and IRC and Discord. You point out when we make mistakes. You get excited when we pick up your favorite show. That kind of involvement is paramount to seeing this community continue.

GJM will continue to do what we do. Please be patient while we make our adjustments and look forward to more episodes.

More news will come in the near future, as we continue to hold meetings and make longer-term plans for the future health of our organization.

Thank you for reading.