Backlog Project Updates

Following our Summer 2023 announcement, we’re also sorry to announce that due to various staffing issues, the following shows are now dropped:
– Uma Musume (which shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering there has been no progress for literal years);
– Virtual-san (which is truly a shame, as the show is nearly complete and fully translated, but our current staff isn’t well-versed in Vtubers enough to be able to edit and TLC the scripts);
– Yakusoku no Neverland S2 (as the staff insists that S2 doesn’t exist and everyone should read the manga instead).

Everything else you can see on the sidebar will be completed at some point. Our highest priority right now is finishing Mercury and Kaguya.

Good Job! Media


  1. Wow… history right here. GJM dropping backlogs for the first time ever. Sad to see Uma Musume dropped (though I suppose there isn’t much in it requiring GJM’s level of work, aside from maybe the occasional insert songs). As for Virtual-san and Neverland S2… yeah, those definitely were not worth the effort, it seems.

  2. Not surprising to see stuff dropped after years of no progress, what can ya do. Any updates on BD backlog? For example, Flip Flappers or batching separate volume releases.

  3. Not even sure I’m sad to see Uma Musume dropped. As much as I was looking forward to you continuing it, at least I can now catch up and get to the next season as well. Although with the next episode only missing QC, any chance to still release that? I could even do the QC check for you myself if it’s just the one episode.

  4. Thank you for all your work!
    I’ve been watching Mercury according to your schedule :D
    Any indication when it will be done?

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