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  1. Sorry, don’t mean to nag or offend you here, but I still think you should focus your resource on finishing a series faster instead before picking up another one. If not, focusing on releasing Bluray is also a good option.

    • I agree. I’m STILL waiting on 22/7. But apparently various team members (who were on a certain show’s team) quitting are the reason.

    • See, the problem is, it’s not that simple. GJM is big, made up of quite a lot of people, different teams. Some people start a project, then disappear (like Aquatope’s translator), some people have limited time to work on things (like me making slow but steady progress translating Kaguya). Just because another team decided they wanted to do Gundam this season doesn’t mean that if they didn’t, Bisque would get finished faster. Sometimes projects run into issues (22/7, for example, had its editor quit) and there is no one to continue them until someone new appears or someone comes back from their break from fansubbing and decides to finish them.
      If we look at current backlog, for example, Aquatope is missing a translator, because they completely disappeared. I wouldn’t mind continuing it myself, but I have my own projects (I’ve been Kaguya’s translator since S1, so there was no way I wouldn’t want to do S3, same with Bookworm). Once I’m done with them, I might consider working on Aquatope.
      Bisque, on the other hand, had the issue of the translator being busy with real life, but not enough to get replaced – people work on stuff because they want to work on stuff. Just because they don’t have time to work on them weekly doesn’t mean that a) there is another free translator willing to take over their project and b) that they don’t want to finish the project themselves, because in a lot of cases, they do! Like, if you told me I’m taking too long with Kaguya, I’d be mad if you replaced me on the project, and that’s if you found a translator willing to continue the project faster than me in the first place.
      And then there’s also the issue that if someone takes too long, like Bisque’s translator, then other people on the team, like Bisque’s typesetter, might not have as much free time anymore as they did during the airing. Plus, once the project stops being done weekly, people lose motivation and prioritize it less. It doesn’t mean, however, that it won’t get finished, nor that people suddenly stop caring about getting it finished.

      TL;DR: separate teams etc. Lots of stuff can happen. Project progress is largely independent of each other. Everything will eventually get done, but we have no way to force people to get it done. The most we can do is shuffle some free staff onto backlog projects if they’re willing and if the original staff is MIA.

      • In my case , i use your subs to make a french one , and i don’t realy care about how long it take , you can make it in 5 years if you want , i will still come back and be gratefull

        just something that bother me , the bluray got released before the release of your 11 episode , so doesn that mean you will make the subs for the bluray too ? Since sometimes they add something on bluray

        thx for thoses 11 episodes , your subs are realy great !

  2. Agree with the others, I hope it doesn’t take long for the next one of this, it’s almost done.

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