Ascendance of a Bookworm – Episode 34

Look, not my fault I missed a sign, forgot to provide a translation for it, and then when my TLC was like “hey Areki you missed a sign here”, I just dismissed them with “yeah you can go poke the typesetter with the translation for it”. What happened totally isn’t that no one actually poked the typesetter, and I only noticed the missing sign literally minutes before my planned release yesterday. Definitely not. That’d be stupid, right?

On a brighter note, IT’S FINALLY HERE! The cliffhanger in this episode is the start of the end (of this part), and oh how excited am I for the next two episodes. Let’s goooooo!

Ascendance of a Bookworm (TV) – Episode 34: [Torrent][Magnet]

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  1. Yes, we are finally at the big scenes. I’ve already watched the next episode on CR. It’s a shame they rushed the fight, but that allows the sad scene to have its own episode too. .

    I would love to see the anime move into the third Arc. I’m getting a feeling that the show isn’t popular enough to get more seasons. I still have the Light Novels either way.

    Thanks for the episodes so far.

    • We had this conversation some time ago… The studio actually has experience doing long-running anime. So what if… what if Bookworm looks so low-budget not because it’s not popular, but because they’ve been making it from the start with adapting all of it in mind? I think at the current pace they’d need roughly 100 more episodes to adapt all of it, but… If we get another “the story continues” in the last episode, then I’ll be convinced that’s the plan. Because there’s no way they can adapt Part 3 and end the anime at the end of Part 3, that’d be cruel. So they’d have to adapt Part 4 too… And if we’re going that far, then they clearly want to adapt all of it, right?

      • It’s a good point, and more convincing since it’s had that low-budget look for more than a single season.

        Realistically, if it were only a promotional for some other media we’d have Neverland one more time: fancypants, engaging, and cancelled after serving its purpose regardless the awards or popularity. Don’t expect more until the next box set.

        The only other rationale is the studio considers it lower status than other projects, steals its staff, and it’s kept alive by whichever publisher commissioned it in the first place (aka Black Clover). Not likely though.
        Hope you’re well-staffed. Looks like you’re in for a long haul.

        • Bookworm is probably the lowest intensity project in the entire history of GJM. We steal lots of lines from the novels, all terminology work is already done thanks to them as well, episodes have fairly little dialogue to translate/edit/time (around 300/ep, which is nothing compared to e.g. Kaguya, which can be almost 500/ep), and partially due to Bookworm world having its own alphabet, there is little typesetting too. I think even if it ends up 100+ episodes in total, we can manage.

  2. I get that you are all excited but can you please keep the spoilers to yourself?
    And thanks, GJM, for continuing to work on the show. Much appreciated.

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