Spy x Family – Episode 01

Pictured: Everyone’s faces as they see GJM pick up another show this season.

But hey, it’s not what you’re thinking! This project is mostly done by Kaleido staff, so it does not impact Kaguya and Bookworm in the slightest.
And someone has to do a good release of the best show this season, right? Right?

While the first two episodes are a Crunchyroll edit, starting from episode 3 we’ll be OTLing the series. Check the projects page for detailed staff credits.

Upon Kaleido’s request, this release contains a secondary honorifics track.

Spy x Family (TV) – Episode 01: [Torrent][Magnet]

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It is highly recommended that you use mpv.
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Good Job! Media


  1. Yes yes yes yes yes!!!
    Can’t thank you enough for picking this up!

  2. I imagine these have already been mentioned by multiple others elsewhere, but:
    “Dialogue: 10,0:00:19.46,0:00:24.42,Default,Member A,0,0,0,,{\q2}One of our diplomats lost their life \Nin a car accident while visitng Ostania.” (visitng)
    “Dialogue: 10,0:00:40.03,0:00:42.40,Default,Member B,0,0,0,,{\q2}With stakes this high, \Nwe need the best agent we got,” (we got)

    were pretty jarring to see within the first minute.
    It’s a really enjoyable sub though.

    • “vistng” – fixed
      “we got” – not an error, it’s a colloquialism. But to make it a bit better to read, I replaced the comma with a colon.

      Thanks for reporting!

    • the first one has been fixed; the second one is just a colloquialism (essentially meaning “we’ve got”). thanks for reporting these, though

  3. Finally got around to watching this, subs were great thanks!

    Aside from previously addressed typos, There was one portion I thought was a bit, depending on intent, overzealous.

    “We suspect this was an assassination \Nby the East’s Republican Party.”

    If this isn’t glaring I don’t know what is; I understand the desire to spruce up the dialogue I guess, but it seems that Cyan and CR chose to translate 極右 into “far-right” (cyan adds “-wing” which is a bit extra imo)

    極右 is a not something that needs the most creative of solutions to translate, being literal here is fine; almost everybody understands “far-right”, “Republican” on the on the other hand is, while obviously a proper noun, somehow less clear given the obviously European setting.

    Is this group staunchly supportive of the concept of a republic or representative democracy? Which flavor of Republicanism? Roman? Renaissance? American?

    It’s obvious that “Republican” was an allusion to the major American party, I just can’t seem to get why though. Is every viewer expected to be that in-tune to American politics to get a “joke?” that wasn’t there in the first place?

    “We suspect this was an assassination \Nby the East’s Likud Party.” Seems equally as indefensible and heavy handed to me

    Hell given the inspiration for the setting why not say “We suspect this was an assassination \Nby the East’s National Socialist Party.”? just playing.

    If an edit has to be made there why opt to go from an easily digestible ideological framework “far-right” to something more “big-tent” in nature?
    “ultra-nationalist” would’ve been perfectly fine if used.

    I don’t see the need for the European setting to be Americanized; especially since the party alluded to is a mainstream group.

    Outside of this, I’d have to say the subs were sublime and I look forward to seeing more <3

    Just my two cents, Thanks!

    • Thanks for the lengthy feedback, it will be taken into consideration for script updates.

      As an aside as the blog admin: you only needed to post once, it got caught in the spam filter. The extra replies have been cleaned up, leaving this most verbose one intact.

    • > Hell given the inspiration for the setting why not say “We suspect this was an assassination \Nby the East’s National Socialist Party.”? just playing.

      Given the inspiration for the setting, Republican is actually closer than National Socialist. We’re not talking WW2-era Germany here, but post-War, split-country Germany. The East was held by Russia via the “DDR”, “Deutsche Demokratische Republik”, or localized “GDR” for “German Democratic Republic”. It was anything but democratic *or* a true republic, but a realsocialist nation led by the “SED”, the “Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands” – as in, the “Socialist Unity Party”. And while other parties existed, they held very little to no power and were for the most part following party lines.
      The nation was riven with mistrust for the own population, with neighbors spying on one another, and the government suppressing unrest often violently. They claimed to be following marxist-leninistic principles, but that was far from the truth. On top of that, the BRD/DDR conflict in Germany for those decades was by extension also a proxy “conflict” between Russia and the US, during the Cold War era.

      So it’s not at all obvious that Republican would be a dig at the US’s further-right party of their two-party system, but actually closer to the actual historical political entity of the DDR. Referencing the nationalsocialists instead would be a rather big anachronism and completely off the mark.

      • While the history lesson is on point, the original poster is entirely correct that calling the party Republican does not necessarily explain the drastic actions perpetrated by the characters, as republicanism was a widespread political ideology in post-war Europe that isn’t even confined to the political right per se. Being a republic, similarly, does not describe the faults or specific aspects of the government system in a country nor its foreign policy; it’s a very broad term.

        For this kind of situation, rather than using an associative label with which only a portion of the audience will make the right connection (and even then it wouldn’t be particularly fair), it’s best to settle for a concisely descriptive term like “ultranationalist” or “radical” that more directly communicates the alignment, intentions, and means of the party regardless of culture or history period and is still easier to understand than “far-right”.

  4. Isn’t the “east” here supposed to be a stand in for USSR? How would a communist country even have a “republican” party?

    • The setting takes place in an alt-hist Germany before the fall of the iron curtain, so no. Either way, this was changed for batch.

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