Munou na Nana – Episode 13

I went into this anime having read the manga, and while I was suspecting they’d finish the anime around here, I definitely did not expect they’d end it… like this. If you enjoyed the anime, I recommend reading the manga to see what happens next, because, well… a lot happens next.

But the fact that I went into this knowing what would happen allowed us to prepare the ultimate plan for the last episode. I waited for this moment ever since we released episode 2. Finally, it is time for no one to notice what we did!

Um, well, if anyone does notice, please leave a comment so that we can feel good about ourselves.

And this concludes another one of our backlogged projects. More soon!

Munou na Nana (TV) – Episode 13: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Much much thanks for finishing this series. I just binged episode 8-13. Absolutely worth the wait.

    Since I’m pretty oblivious, I hope you’ll eventually let us in on the secret. Else I’ll have to rewatch this in a couple of months, this time paying particular attention to episode 2.

    Thanks again for picking this show up, and bringing us all the way through.

    • No need to rewatch episode 2. Any of 2-12 is fine to compare with episode 13. If you can’t figure it out, I’ll give another hint soon ^^

  2. Oof, went into Talentless Nana expecting something kind of trashy but I can’t believe the last few episodes got me the way they did. And can I just say I screw you for that easter egg? That was salt to the wound.

  3. Your hint for another commenter made me think that the plan had something to do with the ending song. However, I am daft and could not figure out shit after comparing. Spoil me.

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