Ascendance of a Bookworm – Episode 22

At the hands of a new TLC, the project continues!

Ascendance of a Bookworm (TV) – Episode 22: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


  1. I hate to be repetitive and bring up stuff over and over again, but has the status of Kaguya improved or is it functionally on hiatus?

        • There’s been scraps on Twitter, but not enough to have been worth writing a full-length blog post.

          Most of our discussion and news loops are handled through Discord now as it’s our largest community.

          The short of it is that we had to wait to replace iFanz’s broken-down PC with a new laptop, which is arriving in a few days.

  2. (Eagerly awaiting Ep 26 so that I can make “Myne-meld” jokes.)

    Thanks for the new episode!

  3. Thank you so much for continue to work on this. I thought the project was dead but thank god it isn’t. Also hope everything is okay with the MIA translator.

  4. Thank you for the new episode! New TLC? I hope everyone is OK and safe.

  5. Thank you so much for translating this series! I didn’t even know you guys existed until i was scrolling through nyaa for anyone who might have subbed this series other than H*rribleSubs aka C*unchyroll subs… I watched the entire 1st season only watching their version and was confused about the inconsistant names, etc. I was just about to watch s2 and then was like ‘I can’t handle these subs anymore! Gotta find if someone retranslated it’ and lo and behold, you guys! :D Can’t wait till you finish catching up with s2! ^^

  6. Thanks a lot for continuing the project, but without wanting to sound like a c*nt, I have to say that at least this episode is plagued with translation erros, and some of them are simply ridiculous, so please someone look into this

      • Original: “Good luck, Lutz.” Correct: “Right, Lutz?”
        Original: “I’m making it?” Correct: “Eh? Me?”
        Original: “I can hardly envision the things you think up” Correct: “I can’t predict the things you do”
        Original: “What can I do?” Correct: “Me?”
        Original: “You’re doing this with me, Lutz.” Correct: “It’s a promise, okay, Lutz?”
        Original: “Huh? Was it difficult?” Correct: “Huh? You did not understand?”
        Original: “What would be best to use?” Correct: “Something that would turn into ink…”

        And a amount of lines missing words like “So” “and”, affirmations and so on.
        Some of then are just excessive (and unnecessary) adaptation, others are just completely wrong.

        We love your work, is just that this episode took a dive in the TL quality.

        • Are you saying that the translation is wrong, because I had a good day and managed to write more natural English than in the previous episodes…?
          My only advice in this case is that you should take a look at what pragmatics is. Actually, Mona Baker wrote a great textbook on translation called “In Other Words”, where she explains different translation techniques and how important context is in understanding language, and how different problems require certain solutions, as you have to remember that one does not simply translate words, but their meanings. I really recommend at least taking a look at it, it’s truly fascinating stuff.
          Once you dive deeper into language, you realize that it’s deeply tied to the culture, and some phrases that are used every day in one language might sound really forced and awkward when translated literally into another language. A simple, everyday conversation will look completely different depending on the language used by the speakers and what country they’re from, and just like that, well-written dialogue in anime or any other media will not match word by word when translated, because it’d sound unnatural and forced. Every single “mistake” you pointed out is just an editing decision and does not change the meaning of the conversation as a whole in the slightest. The same, even more so, goes for the missing conjunctions you pointed out. The use of conjunctions is vastly different between languages and will never match word for word in a translation, especially in the case of languages as grammatically different as English and Japanese.

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