To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T – Episode 01

And off we set!

Strap in for your third ride-along with GJM through the To aru series. Railgun should be a hell of a trip and we’re all looking forward to it.

As a note, the OP styling is most likely placeholder for episode 1 as the credits seem incomplete (style-wise) and take up way too much space to do anything pleasing with the English lyrics. Look forward to an even better version next week!

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T (TV) – Episode 01: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


      • Darling (“Anata” in Japanese) is still wrong, translation-wise. I believe a non-translation is better than a wrong one, good sir.

        • “Anata” is only “you” in Japanase, dude. Translate it as “darling” is just an interpretation, given the context.

          Anyway, a non-weeaboo probably wouldn’t understand what means “onee-sama” in a wider context, so, imho, is better to translate the term.

          • Thanks for saying what we were about to. Dictionary-translation is so bad and wrong that there’s no excuse ever to do it or justify it.

            The real art and difficulty in translation is not in bringing across the meanings of particular words, but the feelings of and implications behind whole sentences/conversations using what is said as guidelines to anchor your translation to.

          • a non-weaboo isn’t gonna be watching season 3 of Railgun. well, of any anime

    • I already gave up on those things. Now I try to rely on hearing, works most of the time.

      • Still, non-translations are nice because they teach the watcher about the other culture and end up helping them to understand things that can’t be translated.
        If the person is watching a single anime show, than it’s better to translate everything, even if the meaning can’t be conveyed very well.
        But for people that watch a lot of anime, I’m sure it’s better to leave those non-translations.
        And my guess is that the people who watch from GJM instead of horrible-subs are the ones that actually watch many shows.
        Anyway, I am happy the way it is now, because “Onee-sama!” by Arai Satomi is really easy to pick up by ear.

        • There are far, far better ways to learn about actual Japanese culture. Anime is a caricature representation of it at best in most shows.

          Don’t use anime to learn about the country. It’s an idealized and exaggerated version of the real thing.

          • Except that with anime you can learn as you do something you like, even if only a little bit.
            I’ve never studied Japanese in my life and I can understand some simpler sentences in Japanese today. It might not be the best way, but I am sure it works.
            For me, the only advantage this brings is improving my experience watching anime, but I learned the little I know about English pretty much the same way (playing games and watching American movies), and English it’s really useful for me.

  1. What about using My Lady like you did in Index III? Seems more accurate than Darling.

      • This was changed in the Index III BDs already to match what’s being used for Railgun. The two shows are consistent as per each show’s currently definitive release from GJM.

    • Yeah, i also can translate full game because i learn from a lot of media (this is not era where you just can learn from teacher only).
      translating is very easy if you just translate what they said instead of playing with new word.
      not only it will send the meaning of what they said but also keeping the original nuance.

  2. Finally some screen time for best Kuroko.
    Thank you for giving us a decent translation!

  3. >Komari

    Guys, I know it’s been a while, but you watched this show before, right? It’s Konori.

    • Ah, I see what happened. It’s a mishearing that wasn’t followed up on properly. Thanks for pointing this out.

      And hey, next time? Drop the attitude. We’ll address things if they’re wrong, no need to be weird about it.

  4. Lol my fav band made an ED for this.
    Do your best, guys. :)
    Akeboshi Rockets is the best band on this planet.

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