Good Job! Media – Winter 2019

Well, Fall 2018 certainly was a reasonably successful revival of GJM as an airing anime group. I’m glad things played out the way they have, and I’m grateful to the many new staff members who have joined or helped us during the season.

I’d like to shout them all out, so, welcome, in no particular order to: LightArrowsEXE, Blankaex, deltakei, staycakey, Hybrid, Adriks and Myaamori. I hope they all enjoy their time with us.

Moving on now to our Winter 2019 picks, we’ll be starting out with Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019). This is a joint project with DameDesuYo, a group we’ve worked with several times now, and we look forward to another top-tier season with them.

Next up is Manaria Friends. We saw the pre-air episode from CygameFes floating around and decided on a whim that we’d like to work on it. It’s a half-length-episode series that looks reasonably satisfying to work on and watch. Blankaex totally isn’t subbing it just for the socks. Definitely not. That’d be mad.

Last, and by no means least, is Yakusoku no Neverland. Traditionally, the Fuji TV NoitaminA slot does not disappoint, and with our new translator staycakey praising it and wanting to work on it, we set up a team to make it happen. I’m going to trust in his recommendation, so this show should be a very fun experience.

Did I say last? In a surprise turn of events, several other staff have expressed an interest in Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari. Heard great things about the source material overall, looking forward to seeing it animated. We’re looking forward to seeing this show in action.

As a result of high quality professional subs and a lack of interest in undermining those, we have replaced Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari with Kaguya-sama: Love is War. This looks like a fun and slightly-less-than-standard school RomCom that our Typesetter assures us is real fun.

Moving on to staff recruitment, we’re currently searching for additional Typesetters and Encoders, and another Translator/TLC, to help cover our upcoming and backlog projects. You can use the form in the menu bar above or contact us via IRC or Discord to apply to work with us.

We look forward to another productive season providing high-quality releases for the enjoyment of all. Thanks for choosing GJM, and for continuing to support us!

Good Job! Media


  1. >Boogiepop wa Warawanai w/ DDY
    Bets are on, what episode are they gonna stall on?
    10$ on episode 2.

    • That only happens if you work with itsP, though doing that is ill-advised in the first place because he’s a fucking trashsubber. :’)

      Every project we’ve jointed with DDY for has finished in reasonable time. Alice’s finale was only delayed because of ME taking a break.

      Also, if you look at our project listing, we’ve had current and former DDY staff working on various projects for years now.

      Just like everything else, it’ll go fine.

  2. I would like to thank you to all staffs and and affiliates for last season. It sure indeed a successful revival. Best wishes for upcoming season, you guys are rocks!

    And please give a bit love to special week, she deserves it XD

    • Though, I am admittingly concern with regards to DameDesuYo.

      I like them. But I’m curious about their recent inactivity. Dont know why Blend-S(and a few others) were stalled and their releases being really sporadic.

      • I can’t comment on that, you’d have to hope a DDY dev passes through here for more info on that. I can maybe get one to drop by.

        The staff we’re working with as part of this joint are all reliable and active, though.

        We always finish our projects, this isn’t any different.

      • A lot of the inconsistency around releases and stalled shows are because my work/life balance deteriorated for about half a year in 2018 as I was travelling frequently and with very little notice. I have still been working on shows which are stalled at me, but decided it would be better to just proceed directly to blurays.

        The other major contributor to inactivity is general disinterest in most airing shows. I expect that trend to reverse in Spring season as we have several things planned for then.

        • If you’ve real life issues or disinterest, Im okay with that. You should solve your issues first.

          I cant say for others, but I dont mind waiting for releases(hell, I’ve been waiting on SAO2 and OreNoSeishun Zoku from FFF for years now), but it’d be nice to get some status updates once in a while.

  3. Same feelings here.
    Just wanted to thank the team for doing a good job, instead of just downloading and disappearing as usual.
    Also for committing to complete Sagrada Reset subbing.
    All the best!

  4. Thank you thank you thank you, GJM, for taking Yakusoku no Neverland!
    the manga so far so good i just hope CloverWorks doesn’t ruin it.
    Anyway, glad having you guys back!

  5. Just a quick question, will you be subbing the Uma Musume Specials? Pretty please?

  6. please save Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, these releases at nyaa are terrible so far

    • It’s being worked on.

      We’ll be releasing a v1 only for it, most likely, as the more complex TS work would be rendered useless for the v1 because the pre-air raws look so appalling.

  7. Hello admins, just asking about the real status of Irozuku? It’s still stuck on episode 11.

    • The “real status” is what you see on the tracker. It’s at TS. Episode 12 has over 80 signs.

      It’s taken a lot of time to do all that while maintaining our standard for typesetting in the project.

      It’s almost done though, so expect it relatively soon.

      • Of course I’m aware of the tracker thing but I just felt that I’ve been seeing episode 12 unfinished yet on the tracker for a very long time. Nice to hear that they’re still working on it. Thank you admin for the answer. I’m also excited for episode 13.

        • No problem. If you’re ever unsure too, our Discord is by far the best way to get info from the staff directly.

          You should see 12 in the next day or two at most with any luck, our TSer is committed to finishing the show before he starts working on Kaguya-sama in a few days.

          • Sorry for being skeptical. I have seen some subbers abandoning the series one, two or several episodes left unsubbed. I still hope that GJM’s Irozuku will be not one of them.

  8. I’d like to thank you and everyone else who decided to drop Shield Hero in light of good professional subs. It’s easy for armchair critics to sit back and blanket criticize an industry that more often than not deserves it, but it’s just as easy to forget recognizing and applauding quality is also the job of critics. I for one hope more professional studios raise the bar.

    • Sometimes it’s just the right call as a team to better allocate ourselves. Our mission isn’t just about subbing anime we like and nothing else. We pick shows we want to work on and that we feel we can make a reasonable improvement to. The amount of change we’d make to this particular series isn’t worth the 6-month time investment.

    • I can’t remember a fansub group openly acknowledging quality professional subtitles since Detective Conan was picked up for simulcast.

  9. Thanks you very much for high-quality releases and bluerays, I’ve become almost a normie this past seasons, most of Fansubs takes Hiatus so i stopped watching anime, it’s a good news you guys still active, this a good year indeed! long live GJM and DDY !

      • Kinda sucks. :(

        I find it weird that existing groups don’t want to sub Netflix shows. I mean, this one is actually good imho, and anon subs are shit.
        Gotta wait for Netflix.

  10. The first arc of The Promised Neverland is far and away the best one, so good call on that. Kaguya and Boogiepop are definitely solid picks, too. Shame there’s no love for Mob Psycho 100, as usual…

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