Good Job! Media – Summer 2015


We’ll be doing Charlotte, Danchigai, and God Eater for Summer 2015. Various members of staff have attractions to each of these shows and I personally look forward to working on them all with the various project teams.

Danchigai and God Eater are in-house projects, but Charlotte will be a joint with our good friends Akatsukin and Etoce over at Mezashite.

Speaking of the project teams, though, we’ve picked up a sizable amount of new members recently. Give them all some love.

And that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed Re-Kan, and that you’ll be looking forward to our Summer shows!

Good Job! Media


  1. Actually, I know what show it is on the middle pic ^^
    It’s on my watchlist, so, if that’s your pick then I’ll be looking forward to it (✧∀✧)

  2. Fansubdb ruined the surprise. :/ But 2 of the 3 shows that you picked up I’m really excited about as they’re the ones I think will be the best of the season alongside Gangsta. (y)

  3. No idea for the second and third choices but the first one is really easy.

    • It’ll come with the Ep11 release post. ;)

      Which was delayed a bit coz I was watching E3, sorry. ;_;

    • lyger is only doing Himouto! Umaru-chan with kdfss this season. I might see if I can wrestle some KFX out of him though, who knows.

      And yeah, myself and Aka have been talking about this show on and off for a while, so I’m glad the joint has happened.

  4. Wow, I don’t think Danchigai will be a great show, but since you guys are doing it I’ll give it a shot. But Charlotte and God Eater… God danm… So much hype…

    • Yeah, shorts are shorts. It’ll be comfy but ultimately most shorts (unless they’re teekyuu) never make it past average. They’re fun to work on, though.

    • Generally, Yeah. We’ll see if we want to offer a 480p alternative but there are generally hardsub re-encode groups doing this work for you in a much more timely manner.

        • For TV anime? Because most shows aren’t mastered beyond 720p, and some don’t even make it THAT far.

          Releasing them at 1080p resolution would be upscaling them, and more than anything, that’s a quality downgrade, and Nyaa’s staff would rightfully tell us to cut that shit out.

          The fact that CR/Funi etc do this so much is really disappointing as it’s catering to people who might not know any better about video encoding, and probably do believe that it’s a better option. :(

    • As soon as Daiz encodes it, it’ll be QCed and released. That’s all we’re waiting on right now, the script is fully edited and timed.

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