Kaguya-sama: Love is War S2 – Episode 11

Did we say three months per episode? We meant three weeks(-ish?).

Just one more episode left now, and at long last, the series will be complete, at least until a date for season 3 is announced.

As previously mentioned, yes, we’re doing the OVA once we can get access to a proper rip of the DVD it comes on. Kaguya S2 12 might not be done before the OVA starts being worked on, but will be focused on once the OVA work is completed.

Look forward to them both!

Kaguya-sama: Love is War S2 – Episode 11: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


  1. What the hell? I watch this show to laugh my ass off. There was no laughter here! I hope this episode was a complete fluke.

    Anyways, keep up the great work. I wait for your stuff no matter how long it takes.

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