Senryuu Shoujo – Episode 09

More Senryuu Shoujo!

Fansubbing is hard.

Maybe another one soon.

Senryuu Shoujo (TV) – Episode 09: [Torrent][Magnet]

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It is highly recommended that you use mpv.
Please note that there may be minor rendering differences between MPC/xysubfilter and mpv.

Good Job! Media


  1. Great to see this again!

    On another note, y’all really need to update your progress tabs for the shows, they’ve haven’t been updated in over a month at this point.

    • What Grygr said. They’re linked to the same database the Discord bot uses to track show progress. It’s updated instantly when progress is achieved.

      • Ah ok. That’s good to know then, apologies if that came off as a little accusatory.

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