Senryuu Shoujo – Episode 04

Another episode later today. Everything up to 08 is at TS.

Senryuu Shoujo (TV) – Episode 04: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


  1. As I said before, i believe you guys should simplify the typeset you do. Not that I dislike it, but it’s just too much time and work. Simpler typesets are already good enough.
    Maybe you could invest the time to greatly typeset your favorites when doing their BDs, but for TV/streamed shows I think it’s just not necessary.

    Good, but not required:

    What we have to deal when nobody picks up a show:

    • If the typesetting was stalling our shows right now, I’d possibly agree with you. Senryu TS takes no more than an hour or so per episode in most cases. Staff with free time is the problem, not the work. We’re not all college/school kids with no jobs anymore. Everyone has things going on, and we don’t pick our shows around availability schedules, we pick what we want to work on.

      Honestly, things like the translator not having worked on a single episode past 04 for Bocchi, for example, is closer to the real problem we’re having right now. The only reason TS isn’t done for our most recent Bocchi ep is because it was technically finished days ago but one of them is away for a week, until this Sunday, so their work isn’t submitted yet.

      Quite frankly, if I considered TS a problem, I would deal with it accordingly, but I respectfully disagree with your uninformed advice.

      If you want speed, stick to the official rips, we don’t care about going fast, we care about doing a job many times better than the professional offerings because we have far less limitations. Sometimes this hurts our speed, and mixed with the fact these people all do it for free in their own time, makes it doubly tedious when we want to keep ourselves to such high standards.

      • I never said a word about release speed.

        I don’t really mind if it takes a few more weeks. What I believe is that it would be better to have more shows saved, even if with simpler work. I am happy you guys took so many shows this season.

        From my past experiences, typeset took a lot of time. If you guys can do it that quickly, then it’s fine.

        • I can appreciate that, but as the project manager of almost all projects at GJM, TS is honestly not the true bottleneck preventing us from picking up additional shows.

          It’s about staff availability and willingness more than anything else.

      • Would it be possible to collaborate with DDY on Bocchi? I know you’ve worked with them several times in the past, and they’re doing it (gradually) this season too. Is there any synergy between the two groups that might speed the process up for both of you? I’m sure you’ve already explored those options, but I was wondering about it.

        • If we’d wanted to go that route, the project would have been a joint one.

          The show is held up by one position only at GJM, the translation. If we can work that part out, the show will move a lot faster very quickly.

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