Yakusoku no Neverland – Episode 05

Swapped to Aniplus base script. We’ll wait the 12 hours or so for it and start from then instead of spending those 12 hours, if not more, editing.

Obligatory episodic reminder to shut down Aniplex.

Yakusoku no Neverland – Episode 05: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Considering ~98% of the previous episode’s script had to be thrown out and redone, yeah, might as well wait and save a lot of frustration and work.


  2. Considering Aniplex just bought Madman’s anime unit in AUS/NZ, I can only imagine the upcoming pain we will feel.

  3. At 03:20 in episode 3 Ray says “A device like that shouldn’t exist in 2015”, and that’s what’s in the audio too (clearly says nisen jûgo nen). So I though they could possibly be kept in the dark about what year it really is, since the calendar in Mom’s office is for the year 2045 (e.g. ep. 3, 04:19). Alas the calendar in the children’s dorm (ep. 4, 13:48) is also a calendar for the year 2045.
    Could someone who has read the manga possibly elucidate? Is this just a reused asset and thus something they’ll have to fix for the blurays or what is going on?

  4. I mean, not to mention the obvious that episode titles are all dates in the year 2045. So probably just an error on part of the voice actor or the script writer that did not get caught before airing/recording. Either way it’s pretty clearly just an error in that one line in ep. 3. Sorry for double-posting for something this useless.

    • It’s fine, it’s a good point.

      I think your initial guess is what the actual answer is, though. Voice actor fuckups slip through to airings a fair bit. Probably just that.

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