SSSS.GRIDMAN – Episode 02

More robots. More thighs. Hell yeah.

As a note, this release contains two tracks, at the request of our partner groups. The primary no-honorifics track, set to language flag ENG, and a secondary honorifics-included track, set to language flag ENM. The language flags have been flipped for Episode 2+, and the previous episode will be corrected for the batch. Thanks to motbob for pointing out that the regular convention was different to our historical choice for it here at GJM.

Joint with Post Apocalyptic Subs and Asenshi.

SSSS.GRIDMAN (TV) – Episode 02: [Torrent][Magnet]

If you encounter any playback issues with a GJM release, please make sure you are using the most recent version of CCCP, or mpv.
Please note that there may be minor rendering differences between CCCP and mpv.

Good Job! Media


  1. I know it’s autistic, but I appreciate the two sub tracks. Thanks for the release.

    • It’s an attachment language flag set when muxing the episode in MKVToolNix. It can be used by players to select subtitle tracks to load by default when playing releases with multiple in them.

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