Sagrada Reset (TV) – Episode 24

I found some downtime. The show’s finally finished. I’m not entirely sure about this ending, but the ride was certainly great nonetheless.

Make sure to watch right to the end of the episode!

Unfortunately, our records of this show’s episodic credits were lost at some point, but there is an overview of them on the Project Listing page.

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Sagrada Reset (TV) – Episode 24: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Great job in still finishing this.
    Now for the batch as I lost what I already had downloaded. ^_^;

  2. Man, this goup is the best, thank you for finishing this job and not letting it get lost along the way. Great work in translation (much bether than the crap or zentai, for far), edition, timming typesettyping. In short, thank so much to all who participated in this work.

    As I would like you to save Re-Creators ( doing something like you do in sagrada) I think it’s a great show and the subtitles there are very bad.

    • At TS. I’ll try to speak to the TS soon about finishing it up.

      We’ve all had a lot going on IRL lately, and recent events kinda got us a bit down too.

  3. Thank you so much for finishing this. Now I can too. :)

    Any chance you’ll move your scripts to a BD encode for us archivers? I totally understand if that’s a no, you guys don’t have the bandwidth you used to. It would be nice though.

    • BD encodes are already done, I need to make batch fixes to the TV scripts and will eventually release the entire series with our BD encodes.

  4. Sweet. I appreciate your efforts! Love seeing fansubbing still alive in a few corners of the internet.

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