Sagrada Reset #10

Shoutout to Period and skiddiks for making this release happen. If you want more, tweet @omgodbless about how thankful you are.


Sagrada Reset (TV) – Episode 10: [Torrent]



  1. I have this sneaking feeling that I’m the only person both thoroughly enjoying this show and waiting for your releases, but for my sake alone: thank you!

  2. Thank You!….It’s a great show and deserves the respect and skill you guys bring to your releases…please, please continue….ENAMELHYST…nope…you definitely the only one waiting for GJM, or really enjoying the show.

  3. Thank you so much! I’m really grateful for everyone working on this. I hope you guys get the motivation to carry one, but either way I appreciate all your work and it was nice having a group doing such quality work in the scene.

    I might be wishful here, but I hope you finish Alice and do Magus Bride.

  4. Not sure if pointed out somewhere else and not sure where else to post this but at 11:41-11:44 the text states it’s August 28th but the subtitles says its August 18th. It’s a small mistake and it only happened once but it did took me out of the anime for a bit. Also there are 14 episodes left for this anime of which 5 of them has already aired so a fair bit of work to catch up. Anyway keep up the great work.

    • What about me?! Without the translator the release wouldn’t exist! :<

      • Haven’t you heard? We’re all watching simulcasts, and don’t even care about translation accuracy. :D

        Joking aside, many thanks.

  5. Thanks to everyone that helped get this ep out. Really hope you guys finish all 24 eps, would hate to drop this cuz there are no real alternatives :(

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