Sagrada Reset (TV) – Episode 09

This episode is an original translation. Nothing could save this week’s episode from the “professionals”.

If you ever think of wanting to watch the official subs of this, just fucking don’t. They’re irredeemably bad.

Sagrada Reset (TV) – Episode 09: [Torrent][Magnet]

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  1. >If you ever think of wanting to watch the official subs of this, just fucking don’t. They’re irredeemably bad.
    Not that your TL is much better…

    • It’s a fuckload better than the abortion of an effort Sentai’s putting in.

      But you probably wouldn’t know coz you don’t speak a lick of Japanese, right?

    • Their TL is miles better because its actually what the characters are saying. Terrible, I know.

  2. Thanks for the release! Just curious, how bad are those ‘professional’ subs? Is there any comparable level of its suckiness?

  3. Men, you are totally right. The “professional” is not professional et all.

    • Sagrada is really good though. I mean, I can see how you could call it boring, because there’s almost no action and it relies heavily on dialogue, but ep 8 and ep 9 finally explained most of the things that happened in eps 1-7. For me, Sagrada is like a combination of Steins;Gate and Charlotte. And it’s good. I honestly think it’s the best anime of this season. And I’m saying this despite having suffered every week to fix Sentai’s translation.

  4. Hey, wasnt sure where to ask this.
    Considering the state of nyaa, is there any way to get your archived shows?
    Most of your archive has no magnet links specifically the ones I was looking at: Patlabor, ERASE and Ao no Kanata

  5. I remember raising my eyebrows at some of the translation choices made in this episode. This is one of the problems of simulcasting–speed is king, and creating a good translation comes second. Not that I have any right to complain since I still watch the shit, but whatever, I’ll complain about what I want.

  6. Hey, I’m 6 minutes into episode 10 and I already found a mistranslation. You may have your work cut out for you again this week :P

    • This is why we’re doing original translations from now on. :P

      We already did so for episode 09, and will likely continue to do so.

    • Got this one via Discord, thanks for pointing it out though. It’s fixed on Github if you go check. :)

      Sorry about that, and appreciate it!

    • Yeah, you’re entirely correct. This was a localisation choice we made as the explanation of kanji writings doesn’t make sense to an EOP.

      We try to make sure our scripts are understandable by anyone who picks them up to watch them.

      The lines Amazon’s script have for that small segment are also accurate if you’d like to see that approach, but we felt that changing the exact word-for-word meaning while keeping the overall sentence’s meaning was a worthwhile tradeoff.

  7. Is there anyway your versions of Sagrada Reset can be watched online? I’m trying to introduce my friends to this show but they won’t download anything.

  8. Hi Guys. Please, don’t let this die. The non-english speaking wolrd depends of this. Don’t make me work whit the pice of shit of Sentai. Pleaseeeeeee

  9. Apparently something has gone wrong in this timeline.

  10. Considering this was the last release for this show, which was on June 6th. Getting a bad feeling g we won’t be seeing any more :(

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