Alice to Zouroku (TV) – Episode 04

I’m literally the laziest person ever right now. This was so slow because of me.


Joint with DameDesuYo.

Alice to Zouroku (TV) – Episode 04: [Torrent][Magnet]

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  1. >taking the blame but still hiding behind the group’s name so we don’t know who it is

    Tch tch tch Fury-kun :^)

  2. Any chance we will see 720p? if not now then in new season?

    I honestly prefer to less filesize like other groups still does

    I hope you aware that HQ only groups are one of the reasons fansub is dying…

    • I hope you are aware we don’t give a shit. We’ll do whatever works out best for the end-result of each project.

      That means if a show is native 720, we’ll do 720. If it’s 810+ then we’ll do 1080.

      If fansubs aren’t HQ, then what’s the point of them existing? If you want lazy and fast releases, just download the official rips from HorribleSubs. Cut out the middleman entirely and get your anime ASAP.

      Also, come on, really? Filesize? This season’s 1080p episodes are basically the size of regular 720p releases. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. Stop using your HDD from 1999 if you’re having storage issues. Multi-TB capacity drives cost fuck all now.

    • “I hope you aware that HQ only groups are one of the reasons fansub is dying…”

      OR…….. it could literally be the only reason they have left to still exist? Also, “HQ” means different things to different people. Good video encoding is nice, but the reason I have kept with fansubs for the almost 20 years they have existed in their modern is because the good groups consistently produce content that is better translated/edited/typeset than the official release and thus more satisfying to watch. Seeing that slowly die in recent years has been deeply saddening, but as long as good groups like GJM still exist and put their time and effort in the sun won’t have set on this era just quite yet.

  3. I honestly prefer to better quality like many groups now does

    I hope you aware that storage is cheap as fsck now; why you no downloads 480p and saves more filesize

      • LOL sorry Fyurie. Meant to reply to the whiner above.

        Thanks for NOT downsizing when the source warrants a 1080p. :)

  4. It looks like Nyaa might be dead for a while. Hopefully not forever, but the timing can’t be a coincidence considering the draconian new anti-piracy law that just went into effect in Europe today.

    Any chance we could get magnet links on the recent releases?

  5. After seeing the commit above I lost respect for the site admins, I always thought you were cool guys but after seeing you laughing on the poor man who was just asking for something that also others asked you and your partner-to-this-season in the last few weeks about (which is why you stop do 720p when so many demand them), rather than tell the man (who not crazy at all imo as just season ago Any group around still done 720p encode and just like FFF would have some decent file side of 300 mb-+ while still keeping the quality, in fact when nyaa was still on you could’ve seem that people would’ve ask straight away why the filesize is 500 mb-+ if group would’ve pass the 300 mb, if you also look away from fansub you could’ve fine pirate movies group such as good old YAFI who could keep insane movie quality while keeping really low file size, his secret? if you ask was that he knows really good encode methods and keep showing people who deem it impossible from where the fish pee) why you think 1080p were the best choice for this show (in your opinion that it), as for the part about kill fansub I think he took it from that crymore site where it’says admin (darksage iirc) posted 2 years ago what he think kill the fansub community little by little, looking on it back at the day would indeed made you laugh, but looking on it today made me realize he had some points.

    Anyway I made my point, now that nyaa is not around we need to be united more than ever till new replacement will arrive, please make sure to Informe people in your faq or whatever that you dropped 720p or will use it rarely as you see fit, it will be far better than suddenly stop using your old methods and be surprised that people come to ask you why (and even laugh on them…. you don’t gain any more respect by doing that just to let you know…)

    • This is a lot of words to say nothing, honestly. I give back in kind to people who speak rudely. He claimed our work is killing subbing? Should I not consider that a rude comment?

      If you post something in a way that can be construed as rude, then the recipient will likely see it as such. We get mountains of comments like that and quite frankly don’t want to entertain shit attitudes. All I did was deconstruct his comment, albeit abrasively. Ultimately, if you show up on my site and give us shit, I’ll give you shit in return. I have that freedom. As mentioned in said comment, they can go watch HorribleSubs if they don’t agree with our methods. It’ll be a lesser experience, though.

      We do what we do to give you guys the best experience. In this case, the video benefits more from being 1080 and not 720. We aren’t doing accessibility, we’re aiming for the highest quality. There are inferior options, such as Crunchyroll (and HS rips), for your convenience needs.

      Aside from that, Nyaa being online or offline, the way GJM runs hasn’t changed, at least so far. If you lost respect for the admins, then you must have never had it. This is how it’s always been here.

      I’m happy to entertain people who ask questions in constructive and respectful ways, but once you’ve spent 5 years reading hateful shit from people who are getting your work for free, you need to consider whether they deserve any respect.

      Respect is earned, not given.

      Do what you will with that response.
      (PS: would it have killed you to format that comment?)

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