Alice to Zouroku (TV) – Episode 01

Double-length episodes are still scary to me. Especially when I’m editing them.

Also, yes, this is a 1080p-only show, the first of its kind for an airing project here at GJM. You can see a comparison HERE, made by Majin3, the show’s encoder. He deemed this worthwhile, so we’re following his counsel on the matter.

We had some scheduling mishaps with typesetting this week, but they should be hopefully resolved for the further (and also shorter) episodes going forward.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Joint with DameDesuYo.

Alice to Zouroku (TV) – Episode 01: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Glad you pick it up. Never thought that it would be this interesting.

    Thanks for the sub~

  2. Not you too D=

    mixing with DDY = 1080p only…. = more files size for my poor hdd :/

  3. Welp, that’s two shows so far that I was looking forward to having better subs for, but I’m not wasting space on 1080p TV rips. No offense, it looks good. I just prefer 720p for TV.

    And with Amazon hoarding most of the other shows I was interested in, well, fuck this season. At least there’s still LWA.

    • This is a really dumb reason, not gonna lie.

      We use web sources, and in the case of Sagrada, which is also 1080p, the source is nearly BD quality.

      You definitely ain’t gonna wanna watch that one from HS, Sentai’s subs are garbage beyond understanding.

    • Oh, right, I should add, this episode was only 800mb for a 45-minute special double-length episode.

      I doubt this show will pass 500 on a really bad day. That’s almost within 720p size ranges for action shows.

      So, I guess you aren’t watching 720p action shows, then?

      Please, man, think ahead before you post. >.>

      • DK if you was referring to me or “InternetRAAAGE” but just FYI I was fully aware it double ep.

        Just as “InternetRAAAGE” mentioned I fully aware that your version is far more better than HS and such and if it nearly BD quality like Sagrada (Which I don’t watch) than I can’t blame you at all for the file size.

        But when it come to 720p it seem like many fansubbers don’t understand one simple fact: People have many animes on their HDDs and space is IMPORT, the common pc user these days have 24+- monitor screen that not always worth the 1080p, hell some don’t even see the different (which exist but you should be aware that some just Don’t see it), Some people likle myself for example will only bother to download 1080p if they know the show is really good (since I don’t want to waste my time and space) and will prefer mostly to get 1080p BD for unc ecchi show (cause marshmallows in 1080p are justice!)

        But anyway to sum it up:
        *Many people aware what the superior version is
        *Many people gather the anime shows they want so space is import
        *Some people don’t see the different between 1080p or 720p but clearly see the size different, it eventually become matter of preferment, Size or quality. And many will prefer to get the 1080p BDs only for shows they like or want unc.

        I understood that encode 720p version of the same video don’t take much of afford (don’t shoot me, I don’t really know, that only what I heard), if so than when fansubbers so obsess/lazy about making one? We don’t need to force others to run to the future as if we going to die tomorrow…

        • It’s not happening.

          Especially because this show’s 1080s will probably be about the size of slightly-above-average 720.

          Deal with it or don’t watch. Simple.

          We do quality, not convenience. If you want convenience, sub to Crunchyroll or whatever and watch it on their site as it airs.

  4. 800MBs for a double-length 1080p episode? Eh, I can live with that. Thanks for the release!

  5. i can barely run 1080p on my toaster but if it’s what people who are in the know about quality recommend, it is what i shall get. thanks for the release

  6. FFS It’s 2017, not 1997. HDD storage is cheap. Go out and buy an external USB HDD or two.

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