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    • The spelling fit regional standards better than what Japan picked. Personal preference. Neither is particularly WRONG.

        • Oh, that. You’d have to ask Areki about that, I think it’s a name-translation thing, I don’t know really.

        • I don’t have the ep anymore, but I’m guessing you mean the “I’m closing the chat. Goodbye, Yasmin.” part, where he says “matsurika” instead of “yasumin”. Japanese word “matsurika” means “Arabian jasmine”, basically Kotarou translated Yasmin’s name into Japanese. If I remember correctly, CR used “Jasmine” there, but because it’s been a while since her name appeared in the anime, I wasn’t sure if we had Jasmine or Yasmin before and what CR was using, and the editor got confused too, and with all the confusion I think Fyurie accidentally changed it back to Yasmin there.
          Anyway, since Kotarou uses a translation of her name, it should have been “Jasmine”.

          • SPOILER ALERT!!
            Thank you for the explanation, Fyurie and Areki! Really appreciate the thought processes that went into that line, no matter the outcome =P

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