Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (TV) – Episode 23

One left. We really do finish everything we start.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (TV) – Episode 23: [Torrent]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Do Zen and Shirayuki get married and have lots of little red-headed kids and live happily ever after?

    Find out next time.

  2. Not done yet.

    Also, why haven’t you switched to putting the subs on blurays as soon as they became available? No sense in using TV rips anymore.

    No, I’m not waiting another age for your BD batch.

    • So you came here to cry? I mean, there’s the trashy Funimation subs and the inferior Funimation video if you’re not content.

      Like, really. What was the point of your post other than to whine? Do that again and you’re banned.

    • Personally, my desire to have BDs of any given show stems mostly from my desire to avoid broadcast logos and scrolling text. I do not care for FLAC, and very few shows substantially benefit from 1080p over 720p. So, considering this episode’s TV encode has neither broadcast logo nor scrolling text, I see no reason for a BD release to take priority. Therefore, I’m genuinely curious about your motivation for having a BD release instead of the one being served up in this post, which I think is quite good.

    • We’d need the DVDISO to even consider that. We won’t use a poorly-encoded share-raw for a final release.

      Getting hold of that DVDISO is almost impossible.

  3. I wonder which season you’ll manage to finish first, Winter 2016, or Winter 2017?

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