Rewrite (TV) – Episode 16

It’s nice to have the whole gang back for this episode.

Joint with Asenshi.

Rewrite (TV) – Episode 16: [Torrent][Magnet]

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Good Job! Media


        • Good for you. Do it again here and I will delete your comments.

          I like this for what it is, as do plenty of others. Don’t care for what people think just because they’ve played the VN in advance.

          • So you’re anime only? That explains this godawful “daemon” thing.

          • I am. The TL and editor and timer/encoder aren’t though. They decided it.

            Nice move, shitlord.

          • Yes, we (editor, TL and others) have read the VN. Stop the damn elitism. You give all VN fans a bad name and people like you are part of the reason why the community is so insufferable.

            The TL decided on terminology with inputs from others. They know Japanese and, correct me if I’m wrong, you don’t. I know first impressions tend to stick, but don’t immediately assume all terminology decided by a fan translation is accurate (naturally that applies to us too, but there’s no need for such rudeness).

          • The TL of the VN (ixrec) is known to absolutely suck dick at what he does too, so basing everything off of THAT fan-TL is hilarious and ironic.

            It’s like you people are asking us to make mistakes on purpose to match the garbage you know and love.

          • So fan translation equals “garbage” now? Check the official translation of Clannad. That is true garbage. Also, I know the “familiar” is an asspull, but it sounds good, it fits and it’s still better than this “daemon” thing. More accurate is not always better, like in this case.
            Oh, and this: “Stop the damn elitism.” Tell that to Fyurie.

          • Fan translation does not mean garbage, ixrec’s translation’s are what means garbage. Don’t twist my words.

            Also yes, of course the official Clannad translation is garbage, they have Doki staff listed as devs for it on Steam. I imagine their work is involved in it somehow.

            The problem here is, what you prefer doesn’t make our subs bad. What makes subs bad is their accuracy, and any argument made on the basis that “the VN’s TL did it this way” is invalid. The VN’s TL should be burned.

          • I know right?

            This is less about Rewrite itself, and more about translation misconceptions though.

          • @Cheslock
            “More accurate is not always better, like in this case.”

            Look, I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but what the fuck? Wh-What can I possibly say against that? How is accuracy a BAD thing? What’s wrong with “daemon” apart from “I don’t like the sounds of it”? Why even? Do you even know what the original word means? Do you insist pokemon be called familiars because that’s pretty much what they are?

            Come on man, you can do better than that. Jesus.

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