Flip Flappers (TV) – Episode 02

Now with 100% more KFX. Apparently this isn’t the final version of it or something though? We’ll find out, I guess.

This show is wacky and wonderful, and it’s adorable as all hell. Please watch it.

Joint with DameDesuYo.

Flip Flappers (TV) – Episode 02: [Torrent]

If you encounter any playback issues with a GJM release, please make sure you are using a recently-updated version of CCCP or KCP.

Good Job! Media


  1. MPC crashes during the ED at the same spot (22:46) everytime. Is it just me or it’s a release error?

  2. Missing word at 21:11.
    Both them are ready to go -> Both of them are ready to go.

  3. Damn, this show is smart. I feel like we need a research guide for each episode, in case people are interested in Learning. In this episode alone we have Natsume Sōseki’s Ten Nights of Dreams, Jakob von Uexküll, and the Thomasson concept (a most illuminating discovery for me), all three references immediately and obviously relevant to the narrative. Thanks for subbing them so carefully!

  4. I’m absolutely loving the Birdy the Mighty vibes I get from it. Excellent show so far.
    Love you guys for subbing this.

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