Orange (TV) – Episode 12

Holy shit this is good. Also blame the masses of grain for the impressive filesize.

Orange (TV) – Episode 12: [Torrent]

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Good Job! Media


  1. Thank you very much! Almost at the end.
    Please tell me you are going to sub Yuuri!!! on ICE next season.

  2. Urgh I can’t believe they tried to explain how they sent the letters, that was first-class technobabble. Should have completely left the details out.

    • Yep. The worst thing about this: Their way of sending messages to the past did not involve a microwave oven. That’s plain wrong.

      On a side note: Kakeru, you son of a friggin plot device! If he was my friend, I’d definitely beat some sense into him with brute force. Too bad that won’t happen in a shoujo anime.

  3. Thanks for the episode. Also, there’s a very minor sub error at ~9.39:
    “BIt chilly today, isn’t it?” (there’s an uppercase “I” in “Bit”, i.e. “Bit chilly today…”)

  4. Thanks!

    Having lived within walking distance of the place for a couple of years, seeing Kōbōyama translated as “Mt. Kobo” is kinda surreal—it’s barely even a hill! The place is actually quite an interesting ancient tumulus, and you can see some of the cool stuff they dug up there at the city museum if you’re ever in Matsumoto.

    Maybe just “Koboyama”/”Koubouyama” or “Kobo Hill” or even “the Kobo Tumulus” for the batch?

      • Damnit, I was hoping you wouldn’t do your research…

        Yes, yes, you’re quite right, and I know that’s what it is on the city website, but I think this is one of those cases of Japanese city officials not really being the best English-language editors. So far as I’m aware, there’s no “official” English name for the place—and considering one of my friends told me that that it was called Kōbōyama but “山じゃない,” I feel like “Mt.” was not a thought-through translation so much as a transcription. Of course, it’s your call.

        (PS: Small typo on “emplyoment” I should point out at 16:36 while I’m picking nits.)

  5. Thanks Fyurie and HeavenlyArmed. Yeah, I’m late, but I didn’t actually know this group existed until today. An even later thanks on Planetarian. It’s nice to be able to grab some new stuff and just assume everything will be pretty much how I like on the shitsub scale™

  6. I still havnt watched the last episode, where is it;( It really is becoming the second akagami. Since did subbing i know that it is a tough job. Surprised ppl do it 4 free, so i cant really complain.

    • I delayed my share of shows back when I was in a group (and, as an inside joke, was blamed for delaying shows I didn’t even work on), but doing it on the last ep…damn.

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