Rewrite (TV) – Episode 04

More Rewrite. I wonder if there’s even gonna be time for original content at this rate?

Joint with Asenshi.

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  1. Some bad anime, episode 4. I swear, this is the worst Key related thing ever.

          • No idea. I don’t know enough about the VN scene to know that. I’d assume anything touched by moogy/koestl is pretty damn solid, at least.

            I know enough about ixrec at this point to know that Rewrite’s fan TL is dubious, though.

          • Grisaia no Kajitsu had a beautiful localization. Coincidentally, after you finish a route, during the credits, one line toward the end may or may not catch your eye: “Editing: DxS, herkz”

          • Yeah, I know they worked on it. ;)

            I’ve played through some of Grisaia, it’s good work on their parts.

          • Yeah it’s lucky they worked on it. For stuff like this (Key stuff) I don’t think I’d mind if it was a bit weebish, but Grisaia wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable if it didn’t have a team like the one it did.

          • Agreed. I have my preferences, but ultimately I care about a well-translated script before “is it weeb or not”, which is why I can’t condone whatever the fuck Rewrite’s fan-TL is meant to be. It’s riddled with mistakes.

          • It’s a shame, though I guess it can’t be helped. You don’t get to choose between Horriblesubs and 1-3 fansub groups with VNs.

            I haven’t read very many VNs at all, though. I didn’t have a clue who Ameratsu was when I saw Chihiro’s version pop up on Nyaa. IDK if it was just my cynical side, or what (it probably was), but after I clicked the site link and found out who they were, I couldn’t help but think “I wonder if this is some kind of publicity stunt”

            I suppose, on the other hand, it could have more to do with the whole TLWiki thing, from back when Chihiro subbed the Grisaia anime. It went something like “TLWiki’s subs have nuances that could only be caught by someone who had played the VN”. Personally I thought that was bullshit when I heard it, but who knows…

          • The problem I have is that anything complex is likely wrong. I can’t trust that I’m understanding the story as intended if I were to read the fan-TL of the VN.

      • All people complaining about this anime have already read the VN. People who didn’t read the VN got lost in the first episode.

        • Pretty much. Even for those familiar with the VN, this feels like a glorified “Best Of” montage containing bits and bobs of the each heroine’s common route sections.

          Even Little Busters was smart enough to break itself up into short 3 ep arcs. Not sure what Rewrite will be able to pull off in 13 eps.

  2. You know I didn’t think there could a Key adaptation worse than Little Busters but here we are.

    • Maybe Little Busters was far from being great, but it was still 10 steps higher than this failure.

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