Masou Gakuen HxH (TV) – Episode 01

So skiddiks and a couple of others picked this up after coming back from AX.

Enjoy the interesting ride we’ll be taking here at GJM.

And yes, it is uncensored.

Masou Gakuen HxH (TV) – Episode 01: [Torrent]

If you encounter any playback issues with a GJM release, please make sure you are using a recently-updated version of CCCP or KCP.

Good Job! Media


  1. First Naine, then Hyaku, and now GJM. How did show this bad become so popular? I guess I’ll have to pick this up and see what’s it all about.

        • hyaku & skiddik wow, so can i assume that this project release will be delay about 1-2 week after aired and there is 60% chance to drop the project?

          • No, and no.

            Neither of them have dropped a GJM project. GJM also hasn’t dropped a show after releasing an episode either.

            At least do some research before shitposting. :^(

          • I’ll take your word fyurie.
            I do some research like “scribbles”, “hyaku” & “hiryuu”. :^(

    • Assuming “how did this show become so popular?” is rhetorical ;)

    • Too bad Trigger didn’t make this or I’d have a great opportunity for a joke

  2. Thought this was CR but honorifics were removed, fuck this shit. I’ll stick with CR.

    • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, buddy.

      If only CR’s dialogue wasn’t awkward as shit tho, oh, and the censored raw. My condolences.

      • No worries, can always remux cr subs into an uncen’d raw but either way I would rather have censored video than Commie shit and pls your definition of awkward must be distorted. I bet you were a member of the trash commie or fff groups and that’s why you think that way.

        • I’m actually quite upset how your trashing commie, when your ass don’t even know how to translate or sub yourself. let alone encode. Please make sure to not let the emense fail hit you on the way out.

      • Nothing wrong with wanting honorifics. AAAA’s biggest problem is that they complain about free stuff when removing honorifics isn’t a big deal. I prefer honorifics myself but I’m not going to complain about it when I know it’s possible to edit them in myself.

        • >edit them in myself

          Why even bother? You can literally hear the honorifics as you watch it. It’s not like they remove them from the audio too.

  3. Picking up this and Planetarian even… Yet still waiting on Erased xD

    Hope you guys don’t get overloaded again. Best of luck.

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