Haifuri (TV) – Episode 10

What even happened in this episode?

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Haifuri (TV) – Episode 10: [Torrent]

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  1. So how much was lost in translation in the A to Z jokes? Because that was nearly incomprehensible.

    • You’d have to ask fnord. I don’t know enough myself to comment. About the source language or about what Aniplex originally had before TLC (which knowing them would have been nonsense).

    • idk? in the original they did a double act where one character would read lines that began with a sequence of characters from the standard Japanese syllabry (a, i, u, e, o for the first one, then ka, ki, ku, ke, ko for the second, and so on). since that makes no sense unless you know said syllabry i just converted it to following the alphabet in order instead (the first letter of each response). that’s all there really is to it?

      • Ah I see, I didn’t get how the act originally worked, so I thought it was weird because of the translation. In hindsight it seems well translated, so props I guess? And sorry if I came off as rude.

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